Coloring with Copic Markers

Coloring with Markers Challenge – Diversity of Copic

Ok, this post is going to be a long one…because I decided to participate in the Stamping with Markers Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I don’t have just one card…I have a gift pack of cards! The rules are really, really simple. You can use any kind of markers you want – at least that’s what it looks like to me! Crayola, Copic, Marvy…pull out your markers and play along. You’ll be glad you did…cause the prizes are amazing!

This challenge inspired me to consider a variety of techniques one can use when coloring with copic markers. Hold on to your seat…cause you’re going to get an education!

Coloring with Copic  Markers – Gift Card Set

I decided to create a gift card set. People LOVE to receive homemade cards that they can give away. I’ve had several people tell me that someone has to be extra special to receive one of the cards from my gift card sets. People are actually hording homemade cards. How sweet!

homemade gift card set

Above you can see the four cards I created and the folder in the back that holds them all. Besides using copic markers, all the cards are created with brown card base. Brown has been around a long time…but I’m still in love with it!

The cards measure 3.5″ x 4.25″. This allowed me to get three cards out of a single sheet of 8.5″ x 11″.

Supply list at bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Shading (The Folder / Pocket Card)

The folder has two pockets and each pocket holds two mini cards and mini envelopes.

pocket card with flowers colored with copic markers

This pocket card illustrates the most basic use of copic markers…to blend colors. I stamped everything in black. The flowers are colored with various shades of orange and red. The leaves are colored with greens. I also added a bit of blue to outline the stamped images. Very subtle.

The pocket card started out as a 7″ x 9″ piece of cardstock. All folded up, it measures 4 3/8″ x 5 5/8″. This gives me a 1/4″ spine. Each pocket is 3/16″ deep. The inside pocket is 1 5/16″ tall. I know…crazy measurements. I just eyeballed it as I created it…otherwise the measurements would be more friendly.

Supply list at bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Background Paper (Happy Birthday)

Copic markers make beautiful background papers. I will illustrate with this happy birthday card.

copoic background paper

As you can see, I colored the flower using the technique above. Meaning, I stamped the flower with black ink, then colored it by blended several shades of red (and yellow and orange for the center). I cut the flower out and adhered with puffy tape.

To create the background, I simply took a wide copic marker and colored a piece of white paper green. Then I dropped several drops of Various Ink (blender solution) on the green paper. It created nice texture. I also sprayed it with a mini mister filled with Various Ink.

Supply list at bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Bleach Technique (Happy Father’s Day)

The next card utilizes a “bleach technique”…though no bleach was used.

bleach technique with copic

The first step is to create “bleachable” paper. I colored a piece of white paper with a brown copic marker (using the chisel tip). Then, I put a tissue on a plate and drenched it with Various Ink. Then took my stamp and got it wet…much like you would ink a stamp with a stamp pad. Then I stamped directly onto the brown paper. The various ink turned the brown area white like a “bleach technique”.

With my stamped image “bleached” into the paper, I used various colors of copic markers and colored it in making sure to leave some of the “bleached” area visible. I used one green, red, blue and grey (to create a shadow) marker. Then simply stamped the greeting in black on top and added a couple of gems.

Supply list at bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Coloring Directly on Stamps (Happy Mother’s Day)

Yes, you can color your stamps with copic markers. These last two cards will illustrate that.

coloring stamps with copic markers

I created a background paper by stamping a music score using Distress Ink. Then I colored this winter flower stamp with a pink, light green, dark green, and blue copic marker. Because copic markers are alcohol based, the ink dries quickly preventing you from being able to stamp it right away. You must get the image wet by misting the stamp with Various Ink. 

Beware, mist the stamp too much and your image will be very blurry. Don’t mist it enough and it won’t stamp the entire image. Definitely a technique that takes a bit of practice. I thought this stamp lended itself to a more blurry look. (I cleaned the red rubber stamp by misting it well with Various Ink and drying it on a rag).

I framed the white cardstock with pink. Stamped the greeting in brown. Added a ribbon. Oh, and distressed around the flower with Distress Ink using a blender tool. And I couldn’t resist adding a few gems!

Supply list on bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Inking Your Outline Stamps with Copic Markers (Thanks Card)

This technique is similar yet different than the one above. I colored the stamp with a copic marker. But this image was also colored in using copic markers.

coloring outline stamps with copic markers

I once heard Marianne Walker (copic rep) say that flowers (and other items in nature) do not have a black oultine…except in the stamping world. Well, stamped images no longer need to have black outlines! I colored this flower stamp with a red copic marker, misted it, then stamped it. Both the pink and red flower were stamped with a red copic marker. The yellow flower was stamped with an orange copic marker. (Caution: the red marker stained my acrylic stamp. It stained it, but did not ruin it).

So, once the images were stamped, I used traditional coloring techniques to color the flowers with copic markers. As you see, I created a background paper by stamping large flowers with white ink. Then die cut the letters for “thanks”.  Again, gems finish this guy off.

Supply list at bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Give It a Try

I hope this post was helpful and inspires you to use your copic markers in a variety of ways. I will try to put a video up on some of these techniques. It’s way more fun to see it in action.  No promises as to when those videos will show up, though.

Supply Lists

Folder / Pocket Card

  • Layered Flowers stamp by Hero Arts
  • Create Definition stamp by Stampin’ Up
  • Memento Tuxedo Black ink for stamped flowers
  • Versafine Onyx Black ink for definition
  • Copic markers: Orange flowers: R02, YR04, R05, R35
  • Copic markers: Flower center: Y15, E71, E25
  • Copic markers: Green leaves: BG93, G94, G99
  • Copic markers: Blue shading: B000
  • Paper for coloring: Georgia Pacific
  • Other paper: Xpedx

Happy Birthday

  • Layered Flowers stamp by Hero Arts
  • Happy Birthday stamp by My Sentiments Exactly
  • Copic markers: flower: RV29, R37, R59
  • Copic markers: flower center: YG35, YR04, YR68
  • Copic markers: leaves: YG67, BG93, G94
  • Copic marker for background: G21 wide tip
  • Copic marker: Various Ink Refill
  • Paper for Copics: Georgia Pacific
  • Ribbon: Joann

Happy Father’s Day

  • Big Winter flowers stamp by Fred Mullett
  • Happy Father’s Day stamp by Hero Arts
  • Copic marker background: E57
  • Copic ink “bleach”: Various Ink
  • Copic markers flower: YG03, B23, R05, C5
  • Paper for copics: Georgia Pacific

Happy Mother’s Day

  • Big Winter flowre stamp by Fred Mullett
  • Composers Dream stamp by Stampabilities
  • Happy Mother’s Day stamp by Hero Arts
  • Copic markers: B05, RV34, YG03, YG63
  • Distress Ink Scattered Straw, Walnut Stain
  • Paper for copic markers: Georgia Pacific
  • Other paper: Xpedx


  • Layered Flowers stamps by Hero Arts
  • Thanks letters by QuicKutz
  • Copic markers: red flower: Stamped with R59. Colored with R59, R37, R35
  • Copic markers: pink flower: stamped with R59. Colored with R81, RV34, V05, V06
  • Copic markers: yellow flower: stamped with R05. Colored with Y02, Y35, Y38.
  • White StazOn ink pad

Dog Valentine Card

I Ruv Roo Dog Valentine Card

i ruv roo dog valentine

For all the dog lovers out there….here is a fun I Love You Valentine Card.

Dog and ball are an old Hero Arts stamp set. The “I ruv roo” sentiment is an old My Sentiments Exactly stamp. Picked up both at a garage sale. The brown background was created by dragging a brown distress inkpad across my white (Georgia Pacific) paper then spritzing with water. The grass was created with a blending tool over a grass template. The sky is a blue distress ink. Stamped with Memento black ink so I could color the dog with Copic markers (colored the dog tan to simulate my dog – though she doesn’t have spots).

Valentine Elegant Mess

Valentines Card Using Elegant Mess Technique

If I haven’t said it before, I adore Lucy Abrams’ cards! They seriously warm my heart and lift my spirit. She created a sketch that inspired me to put my elegant mess to work. By elegant mess I mean Fred Mullet’s color wash technique. Check it out.

So I created the following valentines card using her sketch.

Valentine Card using Lucy Abrams Sketch

As you can see above, I created two different types of messy paper with the color wash. One is bold and solid red. The other is mostly white with a smattering of color. These are both created on water color paper. I used a template to cut out the hearts. Then embossed the Stampin’ Up love stamp in black.

I curled the hearts around a pen prior to gluing them to the card. You can see that better in this profile photo.

Valentine card profile showing raised edges of hearts

One of the things I love about this sketch is that it only has a few elements. It can be challenging to limit oneself to a few items.

It will be tough but I think I’ll hide this valentine’s card to give it to my sweetheart in February!

Christmas Cards Runners Up

Christmas Cards I Rejected This Year

Rejected is a strong word. I did mail all these cards to friends and family this year. But none of the cards in these photos was “the one”. I made 80 cards of another design which I’ll post a little later.

An assortment of homemade christmas cards

My sister created the retro christmas tree cards in the back. That image is from My Sentiments Exactly.

I created the rest. The christmas balls in the front are from Stampin’ Up.

The cards with the large words was a technique where you emboss the image in white. Then use distress ink with a sponge to add color to the card. The word stamp is from My Sentiments Exactly.

The candy striped sweetness and joy card was posted earlier.

I’ll show you a close up of the christmas ornament card.

ornament cardMy husband requested a more “spiritual” card…but didn’t want it to be overly religious. Hmmm…what does that look like? And what kind of stamp would that be? I opted to use the Shepherds stamp from Embossing Arts Co. It an old one. But I thought it would be perfect as an image on a christmas ball.

So, I embossed the image with white embossing powder. Punched it out with a circle punch. Then distressed with Distress Ink. Added a small yellow circle punch cut to look like the top of an ornament at the top. I also added 3D Crystal Lacquer to the image. I added a bit of blue ribbon to jazz it up a bit.

I attached this to white cardstock that was stamped with pine (Great Impressions). Stamped a Merry Christmas at the top, because you know a “seasons greetings” just wouldn’t do. =)

Yes, I should have added a bit of gold thread to the ornament, but alas, I didn’t quite get around to it.

Coloring with Copics – Girlfriends Card

Coloring with Copics – Girlfriends Card

Coloring with Copics is a lot of fun and it adds a lot of depth to our homemade stamped cards. I’d like to show you how I colored this girlfriends card.

Girlfriends Card Colored with Copics

The layout for the card is very traditional. I think the colors make it fresh and fun. I did use a bit of tone on tone in the green accent layer. But I went more vibrant with some of the other colors.

The girlfriends stamp is from Rusty Pickle. The saying and background stamps are from Hero Arts. I used Tuxedo Black Memento Ink for girls and sentiment. I used Tim Holtz Distress ink for the green. And I used Copics to color the image.

Coloring with Copics – Shading: A Side by Side Comparison

Let’s begin by looking at a side-by-side comparison of a card colored with shading and one without.

Two cards: one shaded with copics on not shaded

Can you se the difference? At this size, you may not be able to tell. The hair is one area where shading adds volume. Copics can really be subtle yet powerful. I think the card on the right just looks more finished.

Coloring with Copics – The First Layer

There are a couple of different techniques when coloring with Copics. Don’t take me too literally here because I haven’t taken any classes yet. But I’m told there are several techniques. So far I’ve only used two.

The technique I’m using here is to add shading without blending. Let me point out that I colored the entire card before doing any shading. I simply used the lightest color I wanted for each element. Later I will add darker colors for shading. 

the base layer colored with copics

Coloring with Copics – Adding Shading

Generally when you’re coloring with copics you want the shaded areas to blend. But for this card, I opted for a harder line with the shadow color. I think it works primarily because the shadow color is close enough to the base layer. And it also works because the elemnts are small.

Shading added to card with copics

Let me give you one more close up….see if you can find the darker colors.

coloring close up

Ok…so let’s test your coloring with copics skills. Do you see the shading in the following:

  • hair
  • face
  • shirt
  • pants
  • mugs

I’m sure you spotted all of those…but there are a couple more things I’d like to point out. Coloring with Copics makes it easy to ground your figures. I used two shades of grey to give shadows to the image. Do you see the grey under their feet and under the chairs and table?

The other perk about coloring with copics is that you can give the stamped image a shadow or a glow. In this case, I colored a light blue on the left and bottom side of all the outside lines. Some people color around all the outside lines.

The copic markers are Set A from the Ciao series. I love this set because it gives you many shades and takes all the guess work out of trying to decide what colors you need. But, of course, now I am drooling over Set B! =)

Stick Figure Love

Stick Figure Love – Happy Anniversary Card

I’d love to hear which card you like the best. I’m torn. So far my sister and husband favor the same card. I’m wondering if one really is more appealing than another. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Today I have one card done two ways. I’m using my new Stick Love stamp (well, new to me). I received a bridal shower invitation that had this image on it way back it March. I have been on the hunt for it ever since. I found it at a garage sale! Woo Hoo!

This is one of those stamps that I just want to hold to my chest and squeal with delight. I simply adore it. So, without further delay, here are my cards.

Stick Figure Love - Happy Anniversary Cards

The elements on the card are the same. Blue sparkle paper from The Paper Company. The stick figures are stamped in Memento ink and colored with copic markers. Stick Love is from Wordsworth. Happy Anniversary is from Hero Arts.

If you look closely, you can see that I used a bit of grey marker to put shadows under the feet of the stick figures. I think it’s subtle, but helps ground the figures.

Stick Figure Love – Happy Anniversary – Rectangle

I’ll show you a close-up of the first card I created. The rectangle card.

stick figure happy anniversary card in rectangular shape

Let me point out a couple of elements that make this anniversary card different then the other. I used white embossing for the happy anniversary sentiment. I really wanted it to pop off the dark blue. After I colored the card with copics, I went back with some glitter pens to highlight the shaded areas.

I chose to leave the card very simple. I wanted the focal point of the stamp to really stand out.

Stick Figure Love – Happy Anniversary – Blocks

Next I wanted to see what the image would look cut into blocks.

stick figure love happy anniversary blocked

For my second use of the stick love stamp, I opted to cut each couple into their own square. I matted each of them in the same dark blue as the first card. I’m not sure why I didn’t simply line them up evenly…but I decided to off set each couple.

The differences: the happy annivesary is stamped in black ink. I did not use glitter pens on this but instead used a few pink gems. I also added a little pink bow made from scrappers floss.

I really can’t wait to send these anniversary cards out to the next few couples on my list. I think homemade anniversary cards are the best!

But curious…which card do you think is cuter. Do let me know!

Spring Thank You Card

Spring Thank You Card – Tree in Bloom

More and more cards are popping up theses days of landscape scenes. I didn’t set out to create one, but that’s what I ended up with! I think it turned out really cute. My husband…not so into the cute factor. To his defense, he didn’t see the card with the gems on it….maybe he’ll think it’s cute, now.

I used a myriad of stamp sets and product to create this card. The tree, flower and bird are from Stampin’ Up. Not sure how old they are because I borrowed these from my sister. The background is stamped with some words near the top right. That is a Stampin’ Up stamp as well. The scallop circle in the background on the bottom left is new from Hero Arts. The thank you on the bottom is Stampendous.

The brown and pink inks are Stampin’ Up. All others such as yellow, green, blue and red are Tim Holtz Distress Ink. These I used to distress edges and to stamp the background images.

The cloud shapes were created from Papertrey Ink dies. Well, the dies aren’t available right now, so these clouds are inspired from that. The grass is from a Creative Memories cutting plate.

Paper, ribbon and gems are from my stash.

I adore the contrast of the blue gems with the pink flowers. That is something I would not normally do. I’m a big fan of tone on tone…but love the contrast this brings. To be honest, my husband struggled with the blue of the clouds. Now I wonder if he would like them better seeing the blue gems.

Birthday Card for Grandma

Birthday Card for Grandma – the Big 95!

My grandmother is turning 95 in a couple of weeks. My mom and sister came over to make cards for her. She has lost most of her eyesight…so not sure how much of the detail she will be able to see with her magnifying machine. We enjoyed making cards for her. I’ve posted them all here for you to see. It’s amazing how diverse our cards are!

I opted for a sunflower theme. I made a giant sized card. This is 8.5 x 5.5. I made a custom envelope for her card, as well. I colored in the large sunflower stamp with copics. I opted not to blend…but to leave the three different shades of yellow be more chunky looking. The Happy Birthday greeting is a stamp from My Sentiments Exactly. The Swirl Die is from Sizzix. The 95 are QuicKutz letters. Not sure who makes the paper.

Here you can see a close up of some of the details of the card. I added gems and used a bit of puffy tape (dimensionals) to give the sunflower some depth.

Inside I left a very large open space so I can write a large handwritten note.

I also brought a few pieces of paper from the front of the card to the inside. I just adore this wood fence paper. I think I originally bought it for a masculine card…so it’s kind of funny to me that I used it on a card for my grandmother! I think the sunflowers help off set the masculine feel of the wood.

Maybe I thought the weathered wood would be appropriate for someone turning 95. The wood illustrates the passage of time. What do you think? Good touch or no?

One thing I failed to add to the card is ribbon. Hmm…does it need that little extra touch of fabric to take it to the next level? Too bad I already sealed the envelope!

Birthday Card for Grandma – My Mom’s Card

My mom selected a beautiful green paper with pink flowers for her card. She said the paper just seemed appropriate for someone older. Regardless of age, I agree it is beautiful.

We hand made the flower. It is four scallop circle punches folded in quarters with the centers all being covered up with the button.

Inside my mom’s birthday card to her mother-in-law she stamped a birthday greeting. Same stamp I used, which is from My Sentiments Exactly. She also used a very old stamp from an old stampin’ up set. I am shocked and pleasantly surprised to see this stamped dusted off and put to good use. I’m thrilled that it coordinates so well! Who knew! =)

No coloring of the stamp, though. I think my mom was afraid she might not stay in the lines or something. Or maybe she likes the look of the black ink on the pale blue paper. It does look nice just as it is.

Birthday Card for Grandma – Deborah’s Card

My twin sister was the first to complete her project. That said, she did spend a good chunk of time on it.

The leafs and butterfly part of the card is cute enough to be an ATC. But, we aren’t into making those. This one was specifically created for this birthday greeting. I love all the distressing that she did with various Tim Holtz Distress Inks.

Inside, Deborah put as much thought and care into distressing and stamping. The green flowers that offset the red are a nice touch. I’m going to have to try to remember that technique for a future card.

When it was all said and done, we made a fine mess of the dining room table…and had a nice time being creative.

Thanks for looking.

Homemade Get Well Card – Swirl Flower

Swirl Flower – Homemade Get Well Card

Homemade Get Well CardGet Well Soon Cards have been real stumpers for me. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I have almost no get well soon stamps! So that means most of my get well cards are flower! Which isn’t all bad when the card is going to a woman. It’s a bit more questionable when going to a guy.

I had created a little pink flower and embossed it with a Cuttlebug swirl die weeks and weeks ago. At the time I wasn’t inspired to make a card. But this past weekend, I was. And for some reason, I just had to create a get well card.

Homemade Get Well Card – Inside

Inside the Get Well Card

The flower is hinged and is embossed on both panels. So I trimmed a piece of white cardstock for the inside right panel to allow me to write a note.

Homemade Get Well Card – Back

Back of CardThe back of the card has a pink heart stamped in the center. Believe it or not…it took me quite a while to figure out that I wanted to do something simple!

The heart, flowers and the words “hand crafted” are all Stampin’ Up. The flower punch is QuicKutz. The mini hearts, the words “get well” and “thinking of you” are from My Sentiments Exactly. I can’t recall the company that sells the bird. Grrr…. I colored everything with copics. If you look closely, I used yellow chalk to add color to the edges of the white cardstock on the front and inside.

I hope this get well flower card cheers up my future recipient!

Baby Pooh & Friends Card

Baby Pooh & Friends Baby Shower Card

There’s something special about homemade baby cards for baby showers. The card gets passed around, people ohh and ahh over it. It makes the effort totally worth it.

Baby Shower Card Cover

My nephew and wife are having a baby soon. Several family members went together on a Pooh print all-in-one car seat/stroller for the baby shower gift. I created a card using the wrapping paper pooh and friends.

As you can see, I simply cut out Winnie the Pooh from the wrapping paper. I adhered him to a piece of shiney teal/blue paper. Then attached that to a lilac piece of cardstock.

I went gender neutral on the card because we do not know if they are having a boy or a girl.

Card untied and slightly openWhen the ribbon is untied and the card is slighly open, you can see that I created a mini book. There are four panels to the card.

I was originally going to make a separate panel for each couple that contributed toward the gift….but couldn’t figure out how to make size pannels using one piece of 12×12 strip. So I settled for the four pannels.

If you look closely, I notched out a half circle on the right most panel to allow the ribbon to attach to the cover.

Bible VerseI wanted to let the new mother know that children are a blessing. So I printed out a Bible verse. Psalm 127:3 says, “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.”

 I framed that with the same teal blue paper from the front. The little butterfly on the verse is from the pooh and friends wrapping paper. The circle on the cover and the inside right panel is a QuicKutz die.

All four panels

Instead of having one panel for each family that contributed to the gift, I simply printed them out. The center two panels each list three families that contributed to the gift. Again, all the images are from the wrapping paper.

This is the first time I’ve used wrapping paper as my main focal point. I think it turned out cute. Maybe I should be scoping out the wrapping paper aisle more frequently!

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