Coloring with Copic Markers

Coloring with Markers Challenge – Diversity of Copic

Ok, this post is going to be a long one…because I decided to participate in the Stamping with Markers Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I don’t have just one card…I have a gift pack of cards! The rules are really, really simple. You can use any kind of markers you want – at least that’s what it looks like to me! Crayola, Copic, Marvy…pull out your markers and play along. You’ll be glad you did…cause the prizes are amazing!

This challenge inspired me to consider a variety of techniques one can use when coloring with copic markers. Hold on to your seat…cause you’re going to get an education!

Coloring with Copic  Markers – Gift Card Set

I decided to create a gift card set. People LOVE to receive homemade cards that they can give away. I’ve had several people tell me that someone has to be extra special to receive one of the cards from my gift card sets. People are actually hording homemade cards. How sweet!

homemade gift card set

Above you can see the four cards I created and the folder in the back that holds them all. Besides using copic markers, all the cards are created with brown card base. Brown has been around a long time…but I’m still in love with it!

The cards measure 3.5″ x 4.25″. This allowed me to get three cards out of a single sheet of 8.5″ x 11″.

Supply list at bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Shading (The Folder / Pocket Card)

The folder has two pockets and each pocket holds two mini cards and mini envelopes.

pocket card with flowers colored with copic markers

This pocket card illustrates the most basic use of copic markers…to blend colors. I stamped everything in black. The flowers are colored with various shades of orange and red. The leaves are colored with greens. I also added a bit of blue to outline the stamped images. Very subtle.

The pocket card started out as a 7″ x 9″ piece of cardstock. All folded up, it measures 4 3/8″ x 5 5/8″. This gives me a 1/4″ spine. Each pocket is 3/16″ deep. The inside pocket is 1 5/16″ tall. I know…crazy measurements. I just eyeballed it as I created it…otherwise the measurements would be more friendly.

Supply list at bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Background Paper (Happy Birthday)

Copic markers make beautiful background papers. I will illustrate with this happy birthday card.

copoic background paper

As you can see, I colored the flower using the technique above. Meaning, I stamped the flower with black ink, then colored it by blended several shades of red (and yellow and orange for the center). I cut the flower out and adhered with puffy tape.

To create the background, I simply took a wide copic marker and colored a piece of white paper green. Then I dropped several drops of Various Ink (blender solution) on the green paper. It created nice texture. I also sprayed it with a mini mister filled with Various Ink.

Supply list at bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Bleach Technique (Happy Father’s Day)

The next card utilizes a “bleach technique”…though no bleach was used.

bleach technique with copic

The first step is to create “bleachable” paper. I colored a piece of white paper with a brown copic marker (using the chisel tip). Then, I put a tissue on a plate and drenched it with Various Ink. Then took my stamp and got it wet…much like you would ink a stamp with a stamp pad. Then I stamped directly onto the brown paper. The various ink turned the brown area white like a “bleach technique”.

With my stamped image “bleached” into the paper, I used various colors of copic markers and colored it in making sure to leave some of the “bleached” area visible. I used one green, red, blue and grey (to create a shadow) marker. Then simply stamped the greeting in black on top and added a couple of gems.

Supply list at bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Coloring Directly on Stamps (Happy Mother’s Day)

Yes, you can color your stamps with copic markers. These last two cards will illustrate that.

coloring stamps with copic markers

I created a background paper by stamping a music score using Distress Ink. Then I colored this winter flower stamp with a pink, light green, dark green, and blue copic marker. Because copic markers are alcohol based, the ink dries quickly preventing you from being able to stamp it right away. You must get the image wet by misting the stamp with Various Ink. 

Beware, mist the stamp too much and your image will be very blurry. Don’t mist it enough and it won’t stamp the entire image. Definitely a technique that takes a bit of practice. I thought this stamp lended itself to a more blurry look. (I cleaned the red rubber stamp by misting it well with Various Ink and drying it on a rag).

I framed the white cardstock with pink. Stamped the greeting in brown. Added a ribbon. Oh, and distressed around the flower with Distress Ink using a blender tool. And I couldn’t resist adding a few gems!

Supply list on bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Inking Your Outline Stamps with Copic Markers (Thanks Card)

This technique is similar yet different than the one above. I colored the stamp with a copic marker. But this image was also colored in using copic markers.

coloring outline stamps with copic markers

I once heard Marianne Walker (copic rep) say that flowers (and other items in nature) do not have a black oultine…except in the stamping world. Well, stamped images no longer need to have black outlines! I colored this flower stamp with a red copic marker, misted it, then stamped it. Both the pink and red flower were stamped with a red copic marker. The yellow flower was stamped with an orange copic marker. (Caution: the red marker stained my acrylic stamp. It stained it, but did not ruin it).

So, once the images were stamped, I used traditional coloring techniques to color the flowers with copic markers. As you see, I created a background paper by stamping large flowers with white ink. Then die cut the letters for “thanks”.  Again, gems finish this guy off.

Supply list at bottom.

Coloring with Copic Markers – Give It a Try

I hope this post was helpful and inspires you to use your copic markers in a variety of ways. I will try to put a video up on some of these techniques. It’s way more fun to see it in action.  No promises as to when those videos will show up, though.

Supply Lists

Folder / Pocket Card

  • Layered Flowers stamp by Hero Arts
  • Create Definition stamp by Stampin’ Up
  • Memento Tuxedo Black ink for stamped flowers
  • Versafine Onyx Black ink for definition
  • Copic markers: Orange flowers: R02, YR04, R05, R35
  • Copic markers: Flower center: Y15, E71, E25
  • Copic markers: Green leaves: BG93, G94, G99
  • Copic markers: Blue shading: B000
  • Paper for coloring: Georgia Pacific
  • Other paper: Xpedx

Happy Birthday

  • Layered Flowers stamp by Hero Arts
  • Happy Birthday stamp by My Sentiments Exactly
  • Copic markers: flower: RV29, R37, R59
  • Copic markers: flower center: YG35, YR04, YR68
  • Copic markers: leaves: YG67, BG93, G94
  • Copic marker for background: G21 wide tip
  • Copic marker: Various Ink Refill
  • Paper for Copics: Georgia Pacific
  • Ribbon: Joann

Happy Father’s Day

  • Big Winter flowers stamp by Fred Mullett
  • Happy Father’s Day stamp by Hero Arts
  • Copic marker background: E57
  • Copic ink “bleach”: Various Ink
  • Copic markers flower: YG03, B23, R05, C5
  • Paper for copics: Georgia Pacific

Happy Mother’s Day

  • Big Winter flowre stamp by Fred Mullett
  • Composers Dream stamp by Stampabilities
  • Happy Mother’s Day stamp by Hero Arts
  • Copic markers: B05, RV34, YG03, YG63
  • Distress Ink Scattered Straw, Walnut Stain
  • Paper for copic markers: Georgia Pacific
  • Other paper: Xpedx


  • Layered Flowers stamps by Hero Arts
  • Thanks letters by QuicKutz
  • Copic markers: red flower: Stamped with R59. Colored with R59, R37, R35
  • Copic markers: pink flower: stamped with R59. Colored with R81, RV34, V05, V06
  • Copic markers: yellow flower: stamped with R05. Colored with Y02, Y35, Y38.
  • White StazOn ink pad

Card Making Fun Raising Event

Card Making Fun Raising Event for A Scarlet Cord

All you need is love…so sing the Beatles. And so says the Bible (Matthew 22:37-39):

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind…Love your neighbor as yourself.

We all long to be loved. And life is enriched when we love others. I’m blessed to be part of a great family of Christians at Joyland Church who have accepted God’s love for themselves and who want to express that love to others. So it was a great honor to work along side my friend Vickie McKnight to create a special fun raising event for A Scarlet Cord – a ministry dedicated to letting prostitutes in Colorado Springs know that they are loved.

card making fun raiserHere’s the room all setup for the fun raiser. Yes, I realise it should be spelled “fund raiser” but we had so much fun…so it was a fun raiser. Let me point out a few things we did fo setup…

  1. Each table has an handmade tool caddy. The caddy has all the community supplies such as tape, scissors, gems, etc. I also have the card that will be made at this station clipped to the caddy.
  2. There is a handmade trash box that matches the tool caddy. I love a clean work station. Everyone cleans up after themselves before they move to the next station.
  3. There is a folder that contains all the material everyone needs for every station. All the materials are pre-cut. This includes, paper, ribbon, envelopes, etc. They will carry this with them to every table.
  4. Under each folder is scratch paper. The scratch paper stays at the station. So everyone has something to work on.

place card and decorated water bottleVickie and I created place cards for everyone. The name plates are double-sided. The reason for this was so that everyone could find their seat and learn the names of everyone around them.

To make these, I got my craft mat wet with water and pink ink refill. Then I laid white paper on that. When that was dry, we used a blending tool to fill in the white areas with pink distress ink. We stamped some hearts in red. Then hand wrote the names with a black sharpie.

I say we…but Vickie did most of this! They measure 1.5″ tall x 4″ wide.

I created water bottles with three different words. The one in the picture says “loved”. But we also had bottles that said “cherished” and “precious”.

I used the same technique to create the paper to cover the label on the water bottle. Then I cut out a QuicKutz heart on my Cuttlebug and tied it to the bottle. So each bottle had a dangling heart.

The labels for the water measured 1.5″ tall x 8.5″ wide.

Card Making Fun Raising Event – What We Made

four stamped cards and folderSo what did everyone make at the event? We made four stamped cards and a folder to put them in. The tall card on the right with the orange flowers is the folder. It has pockets inside to hold the four cards and envelopes.

Most of the stamps I purchased from the “value” section of the store. So they were a $1 each! All four cards were made with these. This included stamps from Studio G and Inkadinkado. The one exception is the big flower stamp and the definition which are Stampin’ Up sets.

I used distress ink for most of the cards. The black was VersaFine Onyx Black. Love both of these inks!

Each card has ribbon and gems. I just can’t help myself. That does bring the cost of each project up a bit…but everyone seemed to love those elements. So definitely a keeper.

Card Making Fun Raising Event – Card Close Ups

Ok, want you to see some of the details on the cards. Here goes.

homemade folderThis folder is 4.5″ wide by 5.5″ tall when all folded closed. The cards inside all measured 3.5″ x 4.25. That allowed me to use slightly smaller envelopes – 4 bar (3 5/8 x 5 1/8.

This card is super simple…but it can be easy to miss a step or two on it. This turned out to be one of the longer stations.

First, stamp the definition in black. Then you’ll know where to stamp the flowers. Leave enough space so you can tie a ribbon below the definition.

Second, ink up your background flower in orange. Then stamp it on a piece of scratch paper before stamping it on the white cardstock. Then stamp the flower outline on top of the background. Repeat this process for two more flowers (or more if you have a bigger space or want more flowers).

Repeat the process with green ink and leaves. Stamp as many leaves as you want.

Then frame with kraft colored cardstock. Add gems and ribbon. Tape to the brown folder.

It’s not pictured here, but the back also has a single orange flower. We stamped some text on top of the flower in the back that says “Hand Stamped By:” or “That’s All She Stamped”.

The stamps are all Stampin’ Up. Ink is Distress Ink and VersaFine. Paper was all purchased at Xpedx.

wish big boy birthday cardBelieve it or not, this “Wish Big” stamp gave me the most grief. I struggled because I didn’t know how many people were going to come….so I didn’t want to use any decorative paper. The stamps I had on hand had to pull double duty and create the background and foreground.

I decided to create a simple boy birthday card. So I selected the teal/blue ribbon and cardstock.

The teal is cut into the shape of a tag to give it some interest. I also stamped the greeting in black on the brown cardstock. Note that the image is stamped near the edges and the image runs off the page. A very common technique in stamping.

Of course, I added gems. I really couldn’t help myself. And everyone else used them, too. So they must have agreed that the gems give flare.

The teal ribbon is tied in a bow. Since this is a boy card…maybe I should have tied it in a knot instead???

so sweet butterfly cardHere we come to the most challenging card of the event. This is also one of my personal favorites.

First,we stamped the flower in black ink on the brown cardstock. Again to create a look of background paper.

Next, punched out a large circle in the center right. The stamp that shows through is a bit larger than the circle. So we had to stamp the image on white cardstock then center it in the circle. We couldn’t stamp through the circle.

The butter fly and verse “so sweet of you” is one stamp. On this card I stamped it all in brown. Then on a scratch paper stamped the butterfly in pink. Cut it out and glued it to the white paper.

Then, the final touch is to put pink gems over the body of the butterfly.

We attached a petite pink bow to the front using a Zot. Perhaps one of the greatest glue inventions ever. Ok, I exaggerate but I’m a big fan of glue dots.

This card could have been a lot easier had the stamp fit inside the circle. But alas, I did not have a bigger punch or a smaller stamp.

The other element that gave people grief was the bow. People struggle to make bows in the first place. Having to use a tiny ribbon on top of that was even more challenging. So, I tied several bows and was happy to do so.

love ya cardThe event was one day before Valentine’s day. So we created a “love ya” card. This was another stamp that gave me grief. I’ve seen lots of cute cards that use note type stamps. But…what background do you give this image since you can’t use decorative paper?

I opted to go with “white space”. Meaning not to add much to the background. That means the stamp must carry most of the interest. Ok, I confess, my sister actually designed this card. I simply added the little green heart.

She stamped the image in green. Framed it with a kraft paper (set at an angle). Then tied a piece of green ribbon around it. Here it’s a knot instead of a bow.

The green heart is simply punched out with a heart punch. Three gems in a row leading up to the heart give the card some “movement”.

My sister originally had a button adhered to the center of the flower. I removed it because I thought it would slow down the station. And because I didn’t have 30 of the same button. I didn’t want to people to get hung up on the idea that all the buttons were different. (That’s something I would get hung up on).

happy birthday flowerThe last card was a geometric card. Again, one of my favorites…probably because it’s got some tone on tone elements!

The squares are cut to 1.5×1.5. The flower stamp is a bit too large for the square. I love that!

The happy birthday greeting is actually part of a stamp that has a little cupcake above it. So people had to learn to ink just the words. Everyone accomplished this very well.

Gems add sparkle. The bow adds interest.

Aain, it proved challenging for some people to tie a bow. These were attached with Zots.

The ink was red distress ink.

The inside has a stamped flower as well. Some people added a gem to that one as well. For hand delivered cards…I think gems inside are great. For mailed cards…I would limit 3D elements to just the outside.

For a card with square elements like this, I encourage people to lay the parts and pieces out before taping. Do a “dry run”. That way you can move the pieces around to see what grouping you like best.

Card Making Fun Raising Event – The People!

No fun raising event would be complete without people! Here are some photos of people that came. Notice…the event was open to men and childen 12+.


I really want to thank everyone that came. It was fun to share my love of stamping with so many of you.

Here’s what one of the guys said, “I was reluctant to attend this event because I thought it was kind of a girlie thing, but thank God I went because I discovered a creative side of myself that I did not yet know existed.”

A special thank you to Vickie for driving to my house twice to stamp name plates and prepare for the event. And for her help with setup and tear down. A big thank you to my sweet husband who stayed up late to help me cut paper and prep for the event! I love you! SWAK. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Spring Thank You Card

Spring Thank You Card – Tree in Bloom

More and more cards are popping up theses days of landscape scenes. I didn’t set out to create one, but that’s what I ended up with! I think it turned out really cute. My husband…not so into the cute factor. To his defense, he didn’t see the card with the gems on it….maybe he’ll think it’s cute, now.

I used a myriad of stamp sets and product to create this card. The tree, flower and bird are from Stampin’ Up. Not sure how old they are because I borrowed these from my sister. The background is stamped with some words near the top right. That is a Stampin’ Up stamp as well. The scallop circle in the background on the bottom left is new from Hero Arts. The thank you on the bottom is Stampendous.

The brown and pink inks are Stampin’ Up. All others such as yellow, green, blue and red are Tim Holtz Distress Ink. These I used to distress edges and to stamp the background images.

The cloud shapes were created from Papertrey Ink dies. Well, the dies aren’t available right now, so these clouds are inspired from that. The grass is from a Creative Memories cutting plate.

Paper, ribbon and gems are from my stash.

I adore the contrast of the blue gems with the pink flowers. That is something I would not normally do. I’m a big fan of tone on tone…but love the contrast this brings. To be honest, my husband struggled with the blue of the clouds. Now I wonder if he would like them better seeing the blue gems.

Stamping Workshop

I’m giving away Copic Markers. Check out my blog candy.

Stamping Workshop – Four Cards – Four Techniques

I was invited to lead a stamping workshop for 48 ladies at a women’s retreat this past weekend. I had no information about whether the ladies had any stamping experience. So I needed to keep things simple, yet inspiring. What a great time….and a lot of prep work!

Four cards at workshop

Four distinct cards using four different techniques

The theme of the weekend was “The Sweet Life”. The images that were used to represent that theme included coffee, candy and feminine (such as lipstick, jewelry, etc). So, I taylored some of my cards to incorporate those images. The trick was to create cards that would keep the ladies at their tables (no stations) and that would be economical. Wow, that’s tough for a gal that likes her copic markers and lots of layers.

Stamping Workshop – Card #1 – Regular Stamping

coffee card in brown and daisy's

One of the favorites - coffee!

One of the favorites was this coffee card. It involves staight stamping and assembling.

I did add a bow using ribbon from Creative Impressions. It’s attached with a glue dot.

The gems really finish the card.

I went a bit untraditional with the greeting. Instead of framing the entire greeting with the gold paper, I just used small pieces to accent the left and right. It almost makes the greeting look like it’s enclosed in brackets!

Coffee Card – Supplies

  • Coffee stamps: TPC Studio
  • Paper: The Best of Kay & Company
  • Gold: The Paper Company
  • Brown: Reem from Xpedx
  • Ribbon: Creative Impressions
  • Gems & glue dots

Stamping Workshop – Card #2 – Embossing & Alternate Use of Punch

So sweet card in blue and pink and brown

So Sweet - baby or thank you card

I have seen quite a few cards lately using candy. Since the theme of the retreat is “the sweet life” I couldnt’ resist having the ladies make a sweet card.

I did not have a stamp with a candy verse, so I printed the words “so sweet” on my printer. I actually pre embossed everything because I only have one embossing machine (cuttlebug). I taught the ladies how to create rounded corners using a circle punch.

So Sweet Card – Supplies

  • Stamp: Studio G
  • Embossing: Cuttlebug
  • Pink Paper: The Paper Company
  • Brown and Blue: Reems from Xpedx
  • Ribbon: Creative Impressions

Stamping Workshop – Card #3 – Distressing

You're a Doll pink dress on white

You're a Doll - thinking of you or thank you card

Here is the card that’s the most feminine of them all. I created something similar to this for my sisters princess bridal shower. The ladies seemed to enjoy this one.

Again, I did not have a stamp that said “You’re a Doll” so I just printed it out on my printer.

My husband thought it too pink. And I really was beginning to question whether to bring it to the retreat. But it was one of the top picks of favorites.

To distress the edges we simply used sponges dabbed in distress ink.

You’re a Doll Card – Supplies

  • Stamp: My Sentiments Exactly
  • Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink
  • Gems and Sponge

Stamping Workshop – Card #4 – Paper Piecing

Simple Happy Birthday

Simple Happy Birthday - Could modify for feminine or masculine

Ok, I must confess, I got this card layout from the Paper Crafts Magazine March/April 2010 issue. I love the simple design.

We used a bit of pink decorative paper on the bottom of the white strip and on the frosting.

A few of the ladies asked why we didn’t just use markers on the cupcake. Great question. My answer – to bring the pink from the bottom up to the top.

Yes, I suppose markers could work. Guess I just like to make things a bit more complicated!

Simply Happy Birthday Card – Supplies

  • Stamp: Studio G
  • Paper: The Best of Kay & Company
  • Rafia
  • Ink: Black Versafine, markers
  • Paper: Craft and White – reems from Xpedx

Homemade Birthday Card in Soft White

Homemade Birthday Card in Soft White

***Special note***this homemade birthday card in all of it’s soft white and blue (or teal) has been strongly inspired by flutterbyatomicbutterfly. You simply must look at her original.

I simply love the soft rich elegance of this card. 

Soft and Rich Homemade Birthday Wishes

I couldn’t resist making two of these cards. One is slightly more blue. The other more teal. One has a more bold graphic element, the other has smaller detailed type elements. Which do you prefer?

There is a layer of white paper that is embossed with a cuttlebug embossing plate. The circle is cut out using a QuicKutz die on the cuttlebug. The circle and scalloped circle in the middle are from punches. The brown ribbon is from Creative Impressions and is sandwiched between the circle layers then adhered to the card on the sides near the tails. This allows the circle punches to float in the opening.

This first card (the teal) is made using stamps from a clear acrylic set from Hero Arts. Some buttons and gems finish off the card.

The inside is simple and straight forward. Just some butterflies decorate the bottom.

I decided I wanted to make the card again and use more of a baby blue paper – to more closely imitate the original.

I couldn’t leave well enough alone, so I also used some Tim Holtz distress ink around the outer edges of the card. I also used different stamps (I’m not sure who makes them cause I think my sister has the set). But I wanted to see what the card would look like with a smaller image in the circle.

Inside the blue I stamped “Warmest Wishes” (from My Sentiments Exactly) in brown and I added a butterfly. I also distressed the edges inside.

Love this card a lot. Think it will be one I make several more of for family birthday cards.

Homemade Cards with Neon Paper

Homemade Get Well and Thank You Card with Neon Papers

My good friend Vickie loves paper. She had a box of paper samples that she absolutely  adored. (You know, the kind that sales people leave behind at paper stores like Xpedx).  I say had, because she recently gave them to me! Wow, what an honor.

Vickie emailed me shortly after giving me the books of paper samples to discuss the neon paper. Just between you and me, I think she was a little worried that I wouldn’t cherish the bright colors as much as she did. She suggested I could make cards for teenagers with the bright colors. Sure, that’s definitely a possibility. We joked back and forth via email about the neon colors. That’s when I knew – I was going to make her a card with the neon brights.

Homemade Neon Thank You Card

I determined to make a card for my friend that used only papers from the sample books that she gave me and one of the requirements was to incorporate bright neon paper.

bright neon card with geckos

One of the paper stacks had this image of gecko’s to illustrate what printing would look like on it. I thought it too fun not to make a card out of. I created a thank you tag (Denami stamp) on bright neon green paper. I distressed the tag with Tim Holtz distress ink. I also used a special black cardstock for the front of the card that was the cover of one of the paper book. It has a beautiful embossed pattern on it – which is all but covered up.

neon stack also had shiney gecko on vellum

For the inside I added a shiney gecko that was on a piece of vellum in the paper book. I think he makes a cute addition here. The inside has neon green paper on the left (I needed to cover some glue marks from where I ripped the paper from the sample book) and bright yellow on the right.

When paired with the geckos and black cardstock, the neon almost looks natural, like they are colors you could use all the time on any card! And that’s what Vickie noticed, too.

Homemade Neon Get Well Card

One of the things my friend Vickie suggested in one of our emails was that I make a get well soon card for a friend of ours who’s having knee surgery. She suggested that the neon colors would make a nice bright and cheerful card. Not wanting to disappoint, I created a Get Well Soon card using neon bright paper.

Get Well Soon card incorporates neon paper!

Well, here it is. What do you think? Again, I think the neon’s look natural here on this brown paper. In fact, I think the bright neon paper makes the flowers look happy! I love happy! The flowers and punch are Stampin’ Up. The blue is embossed through my cuttlebug with distressed blue ink to highlight the embossing. The Get Well Soon stamp is stampabilities. The flowers are folded up to give depth and have little buttons in the center which have scrappers floss tied through them.

Inside I brought in some more embossed blue and scallop trim punched green.

So there you are. My neon paper experiment. A few years ago I think I would have stared at the neon paper and scratched my head in bewilderment. When in doubt, make flowers! =)

Distressed Art

Distress as Art

I was pleasantly surprised a few weekends ago when my husband decided to spend a little time with me in my craft room (a.k.a. the dining room). I showed him a couple techniques Tim Holtz uses to distress paper and away he went!

We played around with distressing and embossing for a couple of hours. A few pieces of the distressed/embossed paper particularly caught our attention so we made a few cards.

Teamwork: my husband distressed, I embossed and created a card

We used Tim Holtz distress ink to create the pink and brown colors. Then we ran the strip of distressed paper through a cuttlebug embossing plate. We also ran a pink distress ink pad across the top to highlight the embossing. Too cute!

Similar to the first card, husband distressed paper with ink and I embossed and created the card

Here my husband played around with red and yellow inkpads. I used the same embossing plate but a different portion of it. Again, we ran the red ink pad across the raised embossed portion of the card. I added some Creative Impressions swirl ribbon. I used a Making Memories slot punch to create a slot for the ribbon.

These bits of distressed and embossed paper practically look like bits of artwork!

Completely man made distressed card

Let me give credit where credit is due. My husband made 100% of this card. He chose a piece of distressed paper that he liked. He attempted to bleach the words “thank you” but instead it made a big bleach puddle. So he filled in the puddle with a red thank you. Quite an interesting effect. He loved it and it gave me a better picture of what a masculine card should look like.

We played around for a couple hours distressing paper. Most of the papers were about 2″ x 3″. So nearly all the papers he distressed will lend themselves to mini artwork type projects. Here is a shot of our handiwork.

A distressed mess

And the master at work.

Ronnie holds up a distressed masterpiece

Here you can see the special Tim Holtz mat we used to create the distressed papers. My husband simply ran the distress ink pads across the plastic mat, spritzed with water and rubbed the paper on the ink/water droplets.

Thank you sweetheart!

Stamping Retreat

Stamping Retreat – What Others Created

We had a delighful time at the stamping retreat. Silly me, however, I forgot to take my camera. My girlfriend kindly sent me photos of the cards that she created at the retreat. So I will highlight them here for you.

A fabulous card from my friend

Nadeen created this card after seeing something quite similar in the January/February 2010 Paper Crafts Magazine. Her representation is “fabulous”. This card also included sewing….which I believe was the first card that my new/used sewing machine was used on.

Can you see all the gorgeous paper Nadeen used on this card? And check out the three orange brads bottom. Beautiful.

Nadeen paints the girls

I love these coffee drinking girls, don’t you. This is a Denami stamp that Nadeen picked up at a stamp show last summer. Too cute!

Nadeen and her coffee cards

The last of Nadeen’s cards really hits to the heart of her style….coffee! She used some shiney copper accents in the coffee cup and on the edges of the card. Nice!

Thanks Nadeen for coming to the retreat and for sending me photos of your cards!

Homemade Thank You Flowers and Tag Punch

Homemade Stampin’ Up Thank You Card with Flowers, Jewelry Tag Punch and Scallop Trim Punch

As a small token of my appreciation, I handmade some thank you cards for the gals who came to my stamping retreat and purchased some product at my Stampin’ Up party. This is another one of those cards that I literally had a vision for, albeit a very rough draft of a vision. I saw a strip in the center of a card with multiple colored 3D items. Not necessarily a new layout, but something that inspired me to get up and create. I think there is something similar in one of the new Stampin’ Up catalogs, but the vision I saw somehow enabled me to create the card you see here.

homemade thank you card with tag and scallop trim punch

The flowers are from a 2004 Stampin’ Up set (I just inherited). They are cut out and 3D. The buttons are from a random collection and they have scrappers floss tied through them. The yellow button is strung to the new jewelry tag from Stampin’ Up. Love it! The green is punched with the new scallop trim punch (only my second border punch – can you believe it!). The Thank You sentiment is from Denami. All the colored ink is Tim Holtz Distress ink. Black is Memento.

I created the card a second time distressing the edges so that it wasn’t soo stark white. Check it out.

Distressed Version

A bit of distressing to calm the stark whiteness

Not sure if you can tell, but I distressed the white paper with green. I also distressed the flowers a bit more. For instance, the yellow flower was distressed on the edge with red ink which when added to yellow turns orange. Not sure the distressing shows up in the photo all that well.

So, which do you prefer?   I thought I would prefer the distressing. Seems that’s all I do these days. But when it was all said and done, I decided that I prefer the white. It has a clean crisp look about it. It also seems more simple – which is my new desired style.

Anyhoo, I have created 5 cards so far. I think they are fun and not too complicated!

Homemade Baby Boy Card Thank You Set

Homemade Baby Boy Card Thank You Set

I recycled big time for this homemade baby boy card thank you set. This truly was a joint effort. My sister had the vision for the belt buckle and layout. I contributed the denim, paper selection and the stamp selection. We had purchased a bag of belt buckles at a garage sale…and they have sat in the stamping cabinet for months. I was just about to toss out an old pair of jeans (which happened to rip in a very inappropriate spot!). But our creativity melded together just in time for a baby shower gift for my next door neighbor who is having a baby boy in ten weeks.

Homemade Baby Boy Card Thank You Set – The Card

baby boy card with brown belt and buckle

Front of the Baby Boy Card for the Thank You Set

baby boy card inside

Baby Boy Card Inside

A quick note about this baby boy card and thank you set. The base paper is brown – purchased in a reem at Xpedx. The denim is an old pair of jeans cut with pinking sheers then frayed. The striped paper is DCWV from some paper pack. The ribbon I bought in a spool at Xpedx. To make the belt, we actually taped two strips of brown ribbon to a piece of paper to give the belt shape and to make it double wide because we didn’t have any wide ribbon that looked nice with the buckle! We added gromets to the ribbon to make it look like a belt. And used scrappers floss to tie on the little thank you tag.

Can you mail these cards? Maybe if you used a bubble envelope. Otherwise, I’d recommend hand delivery.

Homemade Baby Boy Card – A Thank You Set

We made 10 of these cards for a thank you set. Then I needed a box to put them in. I was going to make a slide out box, but it would have taken four pieces of paper and I didn’t feel like making a huge piece of paper and folding it into a box. So, I opted for a card / book type contraption. I made this once before for another baby gift and really liked it. So, here you go!

Here is the inside of the gift box.

baby boy card thank you set inside full of cards

Cards tucked into the baby boy thank you set with one pulled out.

baby boy thank you card set empty

I decorated the back of the pockets

As you can see, the inside looks great whether the box is full of thank you cards or empty. I used acetate (write on transparency sheet) to create pockets to hold the thank you cards. I tape that to the brown card. Then I decorate the back of the panels to hide the tape from the transparency as well as to make the box look nice when it’s empty.

Now for the outside:

The outside of the baby boy thank you box when fully open

The box when fully open


baby boy thank you card box tied closed

View of the front and closure of the baby boy thank you card set


back of the baby boy card set

back and closure of the baby boy card set


spine of the baby boy card thank you set

spine of the baby boy thank you card set

Phew, that’s a lot of photos. You may or may not believe this, but I only used two pieces of decorative paper to create all 10 cards and the box. I used a lot of solid blue and brown to create the structure of the cards and box and to frame the white pieces. 

Not sure if you noticed how the brown ribbon ties are attached. I just folded over the brown ribbon, then used a little brad to attach them. I attached the brad prior to adhering the inside decorative panel…so the brad tines are hidden by the inside blue panel. I printed out the welcome baby on the spine in Word Art then colored with copics.

The stamp has a sticker on it that says, “1998 Embossing Arts Co.” I picked it up at a garage sale. I also colored that baby and carriage with my copics. Not sure it shows up, but I gave the baby some soft pink cheeks! The stamp has words below it that say “look who’s here…” but I decided to not use that part.

The thank you words are from a My Sentiments Exactly stamp set. I think that’s about everything.

The card are traditional card size, but I threw in some oversized envelopes due to the bulkiness of the belt buckles. I also threw in a book of stamps. Even if she doesn’t mail them…stamps are always needed! =)

I’m sure you’re wondering how long it took to make….too long! I’m pretty sure there’ s over 8 hours in this project. Hmmm…would have been cheaper just to buy a gift! But not nearly as fun! =)

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