Dog Valentine Card

I Ruv Roo Dog Valentine Card

i ruv roo dog valentine

For all the dog lovers out there….here is a fun I Love You Valentine Card.

Dog and ball are an old Hero Arts stamp set. The “I ruv roo” sentiment is an old My Sentiments Exactly stamp. Picked up both at a garage sale. The brown background was created by dragging a brown distress inkpad across my white (Georgia Pacific) paper then spritzing with water. The grass was created with a blending tool over a grass template. The sky is a blue distress ink. Stamped with Memento black ink so I could color the dog with Copic markers (colored the dog tan to simulate my dog – though she doesn’t have spots).


Card Making Fun Raising Event

Card Making Fun Raising Event for A Scarlet Cord

All you need is love…so sing the Beatles. And so says the Bible (Matthew 22:37-39):

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind…Love your neighbor as yourself.

We all long to be loved. And life is enriched when we love others. I’m blessed to be part of a great family of Christians at Joyland Church who have accepted God’s love for themselves and who want to express that love to others. So it was a great honor to work along side my friend Vickie McKnight to create a special fun raising event for A Scarlet Cord – a ministry dedicated to letting prostitutes in Colorado Springs know that they are loved.

card making fun raiserHere’s the room all setup for the fun raiser. Yes, I realise it should be spelled “fund raiser” but we had so much fun…so it was a fun raiser. Let me point out a few things we did fo setup…

  1. Each table has an handmade tool caddy. The caddy has all the community supplies such as tape, scissors, gems, etc. I also have the card that will be made at this station clipped to the caddy.
  2. There is a handmade trash box that matches the tool caddy. I love a clean work station. Everyone cleans up after themselves before they move to the next station.
  3. There is a folder that contains all the material everyone needs for every station. All the materials are pre-cut. This includes, paper, ribbon, envelopes, etc. They will carry this with them to every table.
  4. Under each folder is scratch paper. The scratch paper stays at the station. So everyone has something to work on.

place card and decorated water bottleVickie and I created place cards for everyone. The name plates are double-sided. The reason for this was so that everyone could find their seat and learn the names of everyone around them.

To make these, I got my craft mat wet with water and pink ink refill. Then I laid white paper on that. When that was dry, we used a blending tool to fill in the white areas with pink distress ink. We stamped some hearts in red. Then hand wrote the names with a black sharpie.

I say we…but Vickie did most of this! They measure 1.5″ tall x 4″ wide.

I created water bottles with three different words. The one in the picture says “loved”. But we also had bottles that said “cherished” and “precious”.

I used the same technique to create the paper to cover the label on the water bottle. Then I cut out a QuicKutz heart on my Cuttlebug and tied it to the bottle. So each bottle had a dangling heart.

The labels for the water measured 1.5″ tall x 8.5″ wide.

Card Making Fun Raising Event – What We Made

four stamped cards and folderSo what did everyone make at the event? We made four stamped cards and a folder to put them in. The tall card on the right with the orange flowers is the folder. It has pockets inside to hold the four cards and envelopes.

Most of the stamps I purchased from the “value” section of the store. So they were a $1 each! All four cards were made with these. This included stamps from Studio G and Inkadinkado. The one exception is the big flower stamp and the definition which are Stampin’ Up sets.

I used distress ink for most of the cards. The black was VersaFine Onyx Black. Love both of these inks!

Each card has ribbon and gems. I just can’t help myself. That does bring the cost of each project up a bit…but everyone seemed to love those elements. So definitely a keeper.

Card Making Fun Raising Event – Card Close Ups

Ok, want you to see some of the details on the cards. Here goes.

homemade folderThis folder is 4.5″ wide by 5.5″ tall when all folded closed. The cards inside all measured 3.5″ x 4.25. That allowed me to use slightly smaller envelopes – 4 bar (3 5/8 x 5 1/8.

This card is super simple…but it can be easy to miss a step or two on it. This turned out to be one of the longer stations.

First, stamp the definition in black. Then you’ll know where to stamp the flowers. Leave enough space so you can tie a ribbon below the definition.

Second, ink up your background flower in orange. Then stamp it on a piece of scratch paper before stamping it on the white cardstock. Then stamp the flower outline on top of the background. Repeat this process for two more flowers (or more if you have a bigger space or want more flowers).

Repeat the process with green ink and leaves. Stamp as many leaves as you want.

Then frame with kraft colored cardstock. Add gems and ribbon. Tape to the brown folder.

It’s not pictured here, but the back also has a single orange flower. We stamped some text on top of the flower in the back that says “Hand Stamped By:” or “That’s All She Stamped”.

The stamps are all Stampin’ Up. Ink is Distress Ink and VersaFine. Paper was all purchased at Xpedx.

wish big boy birthday cardBelieve it or not, this “Wish Big” stamp gave me the most grief. I struggled because I didn’t know how many people were going to come….so I didn’t want to use any decorative paper. The stamps I had on hand had to pull double duty and create the background and foreground.

I decided to create a simple boy birthday card. So I selected the teal/blue ribbon and cardstock.

The teal is cut into the shape of a tag to give it some interest. I also stamped the greeting in black on the brown cardstock. Note that the image is stamped near the edges and the image runs off the page. A very common technique in stamping.

Of course, I added gems. I really couldn’t help myself. And everyone else used them, too. So they must have agreed that the gems give flare.

The teal ribbon is tied in a bow. Since this is a boy card…maybe I should have tied it in a knot instead???

so sweet butterfly cardHere we come to the most challenging card of the event. This is also one of my personal favorites.

First,we stamped the flower in black ink on the brown cardstock. Again to create a look of background paper.

Next, punched out a large circle in the center right. The stamp that shows through is a bit larger than the circle. So we had to stamp the image on white cardstock then center it in the circle. We couldn’t stamp through the circle.

The butter fly and verse “so sweet of you” is one stamp. On this card I stamped it all in brown. Then on a scratch paper stamped the butterfly in pink. Cut it out and glued it to the white paper.

Then, the final touch is to put pink gems over the body of the butterfly.

We attached a petite pink bow to the front using a Zot. Perhaps one of the greatest glue inventions ever. Ok, I exaggerate but I’m a big fan of glue dots.

This card could have been a lot easier had the stamp fit inside the circle. But alas, I did not have a bigger punch or a smaller stamp.

The other element that gave people grief was the bow. People struggle to make bows in the first place. Having to use a tiny ribbon on top of that was even more challenging. So, I tied several bows and was happy to do so.

love ya cardThe event was one day before Valentine’s day. So we created a “love ya” card. This was another stamp that gave me grief. I’ve seen lots of cute cards that use note type stamps. But…what background do you give this image since you can’t use decorative paper?

I opted to go with “white space”. Meaning not to add much to the background. That means the stamp must carry most of the interest. Ok, I confess, my sister actually designed this card. I simply added the little green heart.

She stamped the image in green. Framed it with a kraft paper (set at an angle). Then tied a piece of green ribbon around it. Here it’s a knot instead of a bow.

The green heart is simply punched out with a heart punch. Three gems in a row leading up to the heart give the card some “movement”.

My sister originally had a button adhered to the center of the flower. I removed it because I thought it would slow down the station. And because I didn’t have 30 of the same button. I didn’t want to people to get hung up on the idea that all the buttons were different. (That’s something I would get hung up on).

happy birthday flowerThe last card was a geometric card. Again, one of my favorites…probably because it’s got some tone on tone elements!

The squares are cut to 1.5×1.5. The flower stamp is a bit too large for the square. I love that!

The happy birthday greeting is actually part of a stamp that has a little cupcake above it. So people had to learn to ink just the words. Everyone accomplished this very well.

Gems add sparkle. The bow adds interest.

Aain, it proved challenging for some people to tie a bow. These were attached with Zots.

The ink was red distress ink.

The inside has a stamped flower as well. Some people added a gem to that one as well. For hand delivered cards…I think gems inside are great. For mailed cards…I would limit 3D elements to just the outside.

For a card with square elements like this, I encourage people to lay the parts and pieces out before taping. Do a “dry run”. That way you can move the pieces around to see what grouping you like best.

Card Making Fun Raising Event – The People!

No fun raising event would be complete without people! Here are some photos of people that came. Notice…the event was open to men and childen 12+.


I really want to thank everyone that came. It was fun to share my love of stamping with so many of you.

Here’s what one of the guys said, “I was reluctant to attend this event because I thought it was kind of a girlie thing, but thank God I went because I discovered a creative side of myself that I did not yet know existed.”

A special thank you to Vickie for driving to my house twice to stamp name plates and prepare for the event. And for her help with setup and tear down. A big thank you to my sweet husband who stayed up late to help me cut paper and prep for the event! I love you! SWAK. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Elegant Mess

Valentines Card Using Elegant Mess Technique

If I haven’t said it before, I adore Lucy Abrams’ cards! They seriously warm my heart and lift my spirit. She created a sketch that inspired me to put my elegant mess to work. By elegant mess I mean Fred Mullet’s color wash technique. Check it out.

So I created the following valentines card using her sketch.

Valentine Card using Lucy Abrams Sketch

As you can see above, I created two different types of messy paper with the color wash. One is bold and solid red. The other is mostly white with a smattering of color. These are both created on water color paper. I used a template to cut out the hearts. Then embossed the Stampin’ Up love stamp in black.

I curled the hearts around a pen prior to gluing them to the card. You can see that better in this profile photo.

Valentine card profile showing raised edges of hearts

One of the things I love about this sketch is that it only has a few elements. It can be challenging to limit oneself to a few items.

It will be tough but I think I’ll hide this valentine’s card to give it to my sweetheart in February!

Homemade Valentine Box

Homemade Valentine Box – Movie Night

My sweetheart and I don’t usually make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. This year I asked him to buy me a little chocolate heart from the grocery store. Nothing fancy. I was simply going to make a card, but was inspired by my sister to make a valentine’s box with a movie theme. Check out Deborah’s Valentine Box. I took the simple approach to my box. Oh, wait….that’s my new approach anyhow!

homemade valentine box

I decided to use a hinge on the valentine, because my husband assures me that hinges are very masculine. I also distressed all the edges with Tim Holtz black distress ink because my husband loves the distressed look. (Check out my husband distressing paper). My one accent that I’m not sure about is the giant sized button.

I chose this button because it had an elevated back for sewing to clothes. I usually try to make all my buttons flat but this time I wanted it to be more of a handle for opening the little door. I hole punched the paper twice then used scrappers floss the tie the button onto the card.

I colored the ice cream with copics and aged it with Tim Holtz distress ink. The stamp is from Stampin’ Up. The words “I Love You” are from My Sentiments Exactly. The hindge is from Jo-Ann Essentials. The button is from an old sweater!

I used red marker on the letters after I stamped it in black. Also used glitter gelly roller pen on the letters and around the ice cream. I put two small white pen marks – one on the cherry and one on the chocolate ice cream.

When you open the door you get a sneak peek at the inside and there’s a little pocket card that holds a gift card – in this case to the movies. There is a piece of acetate / transparency which the gift card pocket is adhered to.

To get to the candy you simply remove the entire lid. The door makes it appear that you access the insides through the door. But it’s really just a lid much like a gift box you get for sweaters.

You are not suppose to take candy into the movie with you. And my husband doesn’t usually eat candy at the movies, but I thought it would make a cute little Valentine package. Cause, well, they sell candy at the movies!

Stamping with Princess – Boy Valentine

Stamping with Princess – Boy with a Valentine

Boy Valentine

Boy Valentine

My husband first suggested it. I never really gave it much thought. But now that I’ve thought about it…I have to agree with him. When making a card for kids….make it interactive.

I’m only on my second interactive card. Not sure if I’ll be able to keep it up for all my kids cards. But in this card, Danny (that’s the name of the stamp) is holding a Valentine’s box. There’s something pink sticking out that says “pull”.

When you “pull” on the pink thing sticking out of the box, it’s a string of hearts that spell the word “love”.

String of hearts pull out of the package

String of hearts pull out of the package

A lot of thought went into the mechanics of this card. Since the hearts have so many edges they got stuck in the slit when pulling in or out. So, I created a sleeve for them to live in. Then I made sure that the sleeve was taped to the card in such a way that the strand of hearts would slide in and out of the opening effortlessly. Creating a bookmark or something would have been easier. But I really wanted a strand of hearts to come out of the box.

So, I hope my instructions are easy enough to follow! Let’s give it a try!

Insider View of the Boy's Valentine

Insider View of the Boy's Valentine





  • Hero Arts HeroKids Just Danny K1720 rubber stamp (retired)
  • Printworks Little Treasures G1153 rubber stamp
  • Cuttlebug heart die cuts
  • QuicKutz Moxie alphabet
  • Black StaZon inkpad
  • Heart punch
  • Pink Scrappers Floss
  • 1 piece black cardstock
  • 1 piece  sparkly red cardstock
  • 1 piece scrap purple
  • 1 piece scrap light pink
  • 1 piece scrap red paper
  • 1 piece scrap light pink paper
  • 1 piece scrap white paper
  • gems
  • markers
  • Stampin’ Up Aqua Pen
  • mini hole punch
  • puffy tape
  • glue pen
  • scotch tape
  • double sided tape
  • scissors
  • Craft knife / exacto knife

Instructions for Card Outside:

  1. Trim black cardstock to 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. Fold in half to create card with fold on the left that measures 5 1/2 x 4 1/4.
  2. Trim sparkly red paper to 5 1/2 x 3. With craft knife, cut a slit 1 1/4 inches long about 2″ from the top centered from left to right.
  3. With black marker, color only the words “Happy” and “Day” on the Little Treasures stamp. Huff on the stamp (as if to steam up a window) and stamp the image on the bottom of the red sparkly cardstock centered from left to right.
  4. Punch a mini heart in purple cardstock. Adhere between the stamped words “happy” and “day”. Attach a mini gem to the heart.
  5. Punch two mini holes approximately 1/2 inch above the “happy heart day” on the red sparkly cardstock. Weave pink scrappers floss around card and through holes to make a simple bow.
  6. Trim a piece of white cardstock to 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. Fold to 1 1/4 x 3 1/2 with the fold on the left side. With scotch tape, tape the folder closed on the right and left side. Only the top 1 1/4 should be open. Set aside.
  7. With Cuttlebug, die cut nested hearts in purple, red, light and dark pink cardstock until you have 5 hearts. Set aside the larger hearts. Glue togehter the tips of the smaller hearts with glue pen so that they are in a row.
  8. Die cut the letters L, O, V, E with the alphabet die cut. Using glue pen, adhere one letter to to each heart beginning with the second heart from the left. Set aside.
  9. Stamp “Just Danny” on white cardstock using black inkpad. Color with markers and aqua pen. Cut out with scissors. Cut Danny in half just under his armpits. Set aside.
  10. Cut purple cardstock to a square measuring 1 x 1 1/2. Die cut larger heart from red cardstock. Adhere red heart to purple box. Adhere gem to heart.
  11. Punch a hole on four sides near the heart. Wrap pink scrappers floss through holes and around box to make the box look like a gift wrapped package. Attach puffy tape to the backside of the left, right and bottom edge of the package. This will create a pocket. Set aside.
  12. Insert the white folder though the slit of the red cardstock so that 1/4 inch is sticking out. Adhere white folder to the red cardstock on the backside with scotch tape.
  13. Align the bottom portion of “Just Danny” to the top of the white cardstock sticking out of the slit in the red paper. Insert 1/2 a piece of scotch tape into the folder – sticky side up – then have that piece of tape wrap around and adhere to “Just Danny. Tape the remainder of “Just Danny”‘s legs flat to the cardstock.
  14. Adhere the top part of “Just Danny” to the red cardstock so that the torso is flush with the back part of the white folder using double sided tape. Insert 1/2 a piece of scotch tape – sticky side down – into the white folder then the other 1/2 onto “Just Danny’s” torso.
  15. The previous two steps create a smooth transition for the hearts to come in and out of the folder.
  16. Adhere purple package in front of “Just Danny”. Insert 1/2 a piece of scotch tape -sticky side up –  into the top part of the white folder and the other 1/2 to the back of the purple package.
  17. This will further create a smooth transition for the heart strand to go into the folder.
  18. Insert heart strand into the folder making sure a little peeks out. Write the word “pull” on the part peeking out.

Instructions for Inside the card:

  1. Trim a piece of red sparkly cardstock to 3 x 3 3/4.
  2. Trim a piece of white cardstock to 3 x 3 1/2. Rip the bottom part off the white cardstock to make a jagged edge. Cardstock should now measure 3 1/2 x 2 1/2ish. Center and adhere to red cardstock from previous step.
  3. Adhere three large hearts (from the nested die cut hearts made earlier) to the bottom of the right panel.
  4. Adhere the red cardstock from previous step above the hearts.

Stamping with Princess – Valentine

Stamping with Princess – A Valentine



This has got to be the most simple Valentine I have ever made….in my adult life, that is! =) I confess I got 99.9% of this card from Archiver’s newsletter. I wasn’t going to make ANY Valentines this year…but I saw this yesterday and just had to make it!

What was my 0.1% contribution to the design, you ask? I added a gem. I couldn’t help myself. I am a gem-aholic! Nearly every single card I make any more has at least one gem! =) Call my silly.



  • 1 piece 12×12 sparkly red cardstock
  • 1 scrap of pink cardstock
  • 1 scrap of purple cardstock
  • Cuttlebug heart die cut
  • Sizzix Take It Easy alphabet die cut
  • 1 gem
  • puffy tape
  • double stick tape
  • glue pen


  1. Trim sparkly red cardstock to 11 x 5 1/2. Fold in half so card is 5 1/2 x 5 1/2.
  2. Trim second piece of sparkly red cardstock to 5 x 5. Adhere in the center of the folded card.
  3. Die cut the cuttlebug heart in the scrap of pink and scrap of puple. Adhere pink heart a little above and right of center with double stick tape. Adhere purple heart to left of pink heart with puffy tape.
  4. Add gem to purple heart where it overlaps the pink heart.
  5. Die cut the letters x and o from the alphabet set. Adhere below hearts with glue pen.