World Card Making Day 2010 Recipe Cards

World Card Making Day 2010 – Recipe Cards

World Card Making Day is apparently only 5 years old. I’ve been wanting to throw a big card making party at my home for the past couple of years…and again, it didn’t work into the schedule. But, World Card Making Day did happened to fall on the same day that the youth group at my church is having a bake auction. So I created a couple of recipe cards to go along with the two items that I baked. These recipe’s are amazing! I love chocolate, but even these two desserts are good enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I thought I’d sweeten the deal by including some cute recipe cards.

World Card Making Day 2010 – Carrot Cake Card

Carrot Cake Recipe Card

I made Carrot Cake (minus nuts and raisins) with cream cheese icing. I can literally say that the only redeeming qualityof this cake is the carrots! The cake must be made the night before…I guess it needs to repent in the dark refrigerator overnight for all of the calories it has and the temptation it will cause the next day. =) I think the chef on the card has indulged in too much carrot cake!

World Card Making Daya 2010 – Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

both recipe cards

Were you looking for something different for the chocolate chip peanut butter cookie recipe card? Well, I thought the carrot cake card turned out sooo cute that I just copied it! I doubt the same person will bid on both my items so this way two people are blessed with this cute card. I think the recipe for the cookies came originally from It’s called “whole jar of peanut butter cookies” or something like that. I think it should be called, “melt in your mouth peanut butter cookies”. I live in Colorado, so the recipe has been modified slightly to accommodate the high altitude.

I opted for orange for these cards because, well, it’s October! That, and the pan I’m using for the carrot cake has a copper bottom. And orange reminds me of the color of carrots.

Regarding supplies:

Stamp – Voila from Stampin’ Up – retired
Stamp – Checker Board – I think is Stampin’ Up from 1993 – obviously retired!
Embossing Plate – dots from Sizzix
Copic Markers – colored the chef
Paper – The Paper Company
Recipe – a couple of coworkers gave me

World Card Making Day – Third Auctoin Item

I did make one more item for the auction. One day the hot chocolate was sitting out which got me to thinking about making some hot chocolate treats. I’ve seen these at craft shows…so the conecpt isn’t new. But I think the packaging turned out nice. I just raided my stash of chrstmas mugs and created this last auction item.

Cocoa for Two

I created this project with everything I had on hand.


Mugs – two matching from my stash
Cocoa bags – disposible cake decorating bags
Snowflake punch – Martha Stewart
Paper – Red I had on hand
Ribbon – from my stash
Plastic Case – From a box of glitter pens. It used to store my ribbons – now it’s part of  gift.


Halloween Card for Christians

Stamping with Princess – Halloween Card for Christians

You may think it strange, but I have recreated a Halloween card for Easter!  It’s true! I got my inspiration from the October 2008 edition of Paper Crafts Magazine. Halloween has lots of images of witches and warlocks. Images that Christians don’t believe should be glorified, myself included.

But Halloween also  has images of death and tombstones, something Christians read about every Easter. True! Take Matthew 28. “Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to the tomb.” See, there it is, a tomb. And, they even went into the tomb! Because an angel told them to go in.  Really! They went looking for Jesus, but he had risen from the dead (see Matthew 28:6). See, there it is, talk of death

So, with all this talk of tombs and death, why aren’t these images prevalent at Easter? Well, because of the later part that tells us Jesus rose from the dead. This is the pivital point of Christianity. By rising from the dead, Jesus conquored sin and death. He satisfied God’s demand for a sin offereing (Leviticus 6:24). And because of his death and resurrection we can go to heaven (John 3:16).

Anyway, I recreated this interactive Halloween card because I thought it was soo neat how all the interactivity worked. Here’s my Easter version:


M.T. Tomb

M.T. Tomb


The text in the background is taken from Matthew 28. This part of the Bible says that Jesus rose from the dead and his tomb is M.T. (empty).

Now, this card is interactive. So you can pull on the tab on the right side of the tomb…

As you pull on the tab on the right side of the tomb, a ghost appears and the spider moves up the tombstone

As you pull on the tab on the right side of the tomb, a ghost appears and the spider moves up the tombstone


As you pull on the tab on the right side of the tomb, a ghost appears. It has the letters H.G. on its chest. As you pull, the spider that was sitting at the base of the tomb, climbs up the tomb.

Inside the card is a poem, that helps the recipient of the card understand all the initials I put on the front of the card.

I chalked a cross over the verse

I chalked a cross over the verse

The verse reads:

The tomb is M.T. (empty),
Jesus rose from the dead.
 He promised us a Counselor,
The Holy Ghost (H.G.) in his stead.

So, there it is. My Halloween/Easter card. I used my cuttlebug to create the letters. Did a lot of chalking. And used my computer. Most of the shapes are cut free hand, such as the the ghost, the tomb and the cross.