Red Lobster Gift Card Gift Box

Red Lobster Gift Card Gift Box

For a gift exchance, I picked up a Red Lobster gift card. I decided to create a little gift box…and couldn’t resist adding a bit of a hint as to what the box holds inside.

Red Lobster Gift Card Gift Box

This is quick and simple. The lobster stamp is Imaginisce. The Warm Winter Wishes tag on the left is My Sentiments Exactly. The pine is Greatest Impressions.


Homemade Christmas Card 2010

Homemade Christmas Card for 2010

Today I’ll show you the card I finally settled on for my 2010 Christmas Card. Again, I went for something simple. Well, more simple than is my habit! =)

christmas scene card

This card really is embossing and sponging on ink. And a little glitter and some gems. Really, that’s it.

First I stamped the tree and sentiment then embossed with white powder. I created a mask in order to just color the tree with green distress ink. I then used a mask to create mounded snow and sponged on blue distress ink.

I used a glue pen to add glitter to the tree and ground. Then added a few gems to look like big chunks of shiney snow. I created 80 of these this year.

80 homemade cards

My card was directly inspired by Julie Ebersole. I adore her work! She used a sparkly red bird. I did not have one, so opted to add color in my tree instead.

The tree stamp is from Stampin’ Up – most likely retired.
The sentiment is from My Sentiments Exactly.
Ink is Tim Holtz Distress Ink.

Christmas Cards Runners Up

Christmas Cards I Rejected This Year

Rejected is a strong word. I did mail all these cards to friends and family this year. But none of the cards in these photos was “the one”. I made 80 cards of another design which I’ll post a little later.

An assortment of homemade christmas cards

My sister created the retro christmas tree cards in the back. That image is from My Sentiments Exactly.

I created the rest. The christmas balls in the front are from Stampin’ Up.

The cards with the large words was a technique where you emboss the image in white. Then use distress ink with a sponge to add color to the card. The word stamp is from My Sentiments Exactly.

The candy striped sweetness and joy card was posted earlier.

I’ll show you a close up of the christmas ornament card.

ornament cardMy husband requested a more “spiritual” card…but didn’t want it to be overly religious. Hmmm…what does that look like? And what kind of stamp would that be? I opted to use the Shepherds stamp from Embossing Arts Co. It an old one. But I thought it would be perfect as an image on a christmas ball.

So, I embossed the image with white embossing powder. Punched it out with a circle punch. Then distressed with Distress Ink. Added a small yellow circle punch cut to look like the top of an ornament at the top. I also added 3D Crystal Lacquer to the image. I added a bit of blue ribbon to jazz it up a bit.

I attached this to white cardstock that was stamped with pine (Great Impressions). Stamped a Merry Christmas at the top, because you know a “seasons greetings” just wouldn’t do. =)

Yes, I should have added a bit of gold thread to the ornament, but alas, I didn’t quite get around to it.

Dear Santa – Define Good

Christmas Card – Dear Santa, Define Good

This fall I was browsing the “value stamps” and ran across several cute Christmas Stamps. I wanted something that had a Christian message, but I couldn’t resist the humor in the stamp “Dear Santa, Define Good”. Seriously, that has been cracking me up for months. My husband and I have lots of arguments. Most times we are in total agreement but argue none the less! 

My sister came over one afternoon to help me design something simple and quick so that I could crank out 80 cards. We never came up with “the one”, but we had fun playing with this set none the less.

Cards using the stamp set "Dear Santa, Define Good."

The goal was to create simple cards that could be cranked out quickly. Compared to work I’ve put into cards in the past, these would all qualify as simple.

All stamps are from Studio G.

Sweetness and Joy for Christmas

Sweetness and Joy for Christmas with Denami

Don’t you just adore this sentiment on the card? It says, “Wishing you sweetness and joy”. I love it.

Homemade christmas sweetness and joy wishesDenami stamps are always adorable, and now it’s sweet, too! =) For this card I colored the image with copic markers. I also added glitter to several elements, though the picture may not show it very well.

I used a scallop punch on the blue tag that has the year on it. The date is made from Quickutz dies. I added glitter to that as well.

The card is 5.5 x 5.5. I think it looks like a little gift…full of sweetness. This stamp would also make an adorable tag on some homemade goodies.

Here’s another photo of the card. Maybe you can see the glitter better on this closeup.

World Card Making Day 2010 Recipe Cards

World Card Making Day 2010 – Recipe Cards

World Card Making Day is apparently only 5 years old. I’ve been wanting to throw a big card making party at my home for the past couple of years…and again, it didn’t work into the schedule. But, World Card Making Day did happened to fall on the same day that the youth group at my church is having a bake auction. So I created a couple of recipe cards to go along with the two items that I baked. These recipe’s are amazing! I love chocolate, but even these two desserts are good enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I thought I’d sweeten the deal by including some cute recipe cards.

World Card Making Day 2010 – Carrot Cake Card

Carrot Cake Recipe Card

I made Carrot Cake (minus nuts and raisins) with cream cheese icing. I can literally say that the only redeeming qualityof this cake is the carrots! The cake must be made the night before…I guess it needs to repent in the dark refrigerator overnight for all of the calories it has and the temptation it will cause the next day. =) I think the chef on the card has indulged in too much carrot cake!

World Card Making Daya 2010 – Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

both recipe cards

Were you looking for something different for the chocolate chip peanut butter cookie recipe card? Well, I thought the carrot cake card turned out sooo cute that I just copied it! I doubt the same person will bid on both my items so this way two people are blessed with this cute card. I think the recipe for the cookies came originally from It’s called “whole jar of peanut butter cookies” or something like that. I think it should be called, “melt in your mouth peanut butter cookies”. I live in Colorado, so the recipe has been modified slightly to accommodate the high altitude.

I opted for orange for these cards because, well, it’s October! That, and the pan I’m using for the carrot cake has a copper bottom. And orange reminds me of the color of carrots.

Regarding supplies:

Stamp – Voila from Stampin’ Up – retired
Stamp – Checker Board – I think is Stampin’ Up from 1993 – obviously retired!
Embossing Plate – dots from Sizzix
Copic Markers – colored the chef
Paper – The Paper Company
Recipe – a couple of coworkers gave me

World Card Making Day – Third Auctoin Item

I did make one more item for the auction. One day the hot chocolate was sitting out which got me to thinking about making some hot chocolate treats. I’ve seen these at craft shows…so the conecpt isn’t new. But I think the packaging turned out nice. I just raided my stash of chrstmas mugs and created this last auction item.

Cocoa for Two

I created this project with everything I had on hand.


Mugs – two matching from my stash
Cocoa bags – disposible cake decorating bags
Snowflake punch – Martha Stewart
Paper – Red I had on hand
Ribbon – from my stash
Plastic Case – From a box of glitter pens. It used to store my ribbons – now it’s part of  gift.

Homemade Christmas Cards and Gifts

Homemade Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas everyone. As is my custom, I waited until the last minute to make my christmas cards! My twin sister and I got together to design a card on December 19th! Every piece of paper my sister touched turned into a beautiful piece of artwork. Me, not so much. So this year’s card was designed by Deborah. She helped me make 12 of them (cause I needed them that night). Then the next day I made 60 more!

Needless to say I wanted a simple card this year since the date was getting so late. My husband tried his hand at a couple designs…I didn’t select any of his (sorry honey). Now, I did modify my sisters card ever so slightly so I could color it with proper blending techniques using my copic markers.

homemade christmas card in all it's glory

If I had started stamping my Christmas cards in July instead of December 19th, everyone on my list would have gotten this card. But, since it involves a lot of trim work, cutting, blending, etc….everyone got a more simplified version of the above. We used a glitter pen…which is very bold in the picture, but more subtle in real life.

Two versions of the christmas card. One with ribbon, the other without.

Two versions of the homemade christmas card

Some people received a card with a ribbon and some without. I was very nervous about the post office charging extra postage because of the bulkiness of the ribbon. So, the ribbon pictured here is velvet red. It’s very bulky and was only used on cards that were hand delivered. I used a red sheer ribbon for those I mailed. But like I said, the majority of my cards went without ribbon. Who wants to receive a christmas card with the message “postage due” on it?!

Here’s my husbands card. He was very proud of it. I mailed it to his dad!

husband and his homemade christmas card

Husband proudly displays his art

Not sure if you can make it out…the top red and green word is Joy from an old D.O.T.S. stamp (now Close to My Heart). Below that is red chicks in the shape of a chrismtas tree (from DeNami stamps). I just won the chicks…and my husband was the first to use them. =)

Homemade Christmas Gifts and Boxes

This year I made some gift boxes for a few lucky souls. I gave a box to each member of the worship team at my Bible Study group. I also gave one to a neighbor, my lifecoach, my mothers nurses, and to the sales lady at Creative Impression (a wholesale ribbons store). These boxes were inspired from Inking Idaho.

gift box with decorated post it note holder and chocolates

Here are just a couple homemade gift boxes

We made little boxes, dividers inside, decorated post it notes, covered hershey nuggets candies, mint patties and added a christmas pencil. We covered each box with a clear lid that fits snuggly on top so you can see the contents inside and tied it off with ribbon from Creative Impressions.

I made the following snowman box and tree box for my sister. It’s just a little something to say “Thinking of You” at Chrstimas.

snowman box and tree box hold christmas m&ms.

Snowman and pine tree say Colorado Christmas

I had made a tree before for my husband on our anniversary. It gave me the inspiration to make the snowman and tree for Christmas. These were very simple to make. The snowman is obviously just three circles. The largest bottom one as the bottom trimmed off. The tree was cut free hand. The box is made from write on transparencies from an office supply store. The Holiday Joy stamp is from My Sentiments Exactly. The large snowflake and the branches are from Martha Stuart. Eyes and buttons are hole punches. Carron was cut freehand.

Here’s a look at the closure.

close up of snowman box closure

closure is a button with a snowflake punch

I used a brad to secure twine to the top flap. Then used a brad to adhere a button to the side of the box. The twine from the top comes down and cirlcles around the button to keep the box closed. Easy as can be.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!

Magic Box – Christmas Grunge

Magic Box – Christmas Grunge

I had one more request to hold a magic box class at Simple Pleasures – my local independent stamp store. I held my first Christmas Magic Box class in July 2009, but a few students missed it. The paper I used for the summer class was discountinued, so I had to create a new box for my fall class. So here it is for all to see.

I call it Christams Grunge because I distressed all the decorative paper with a razor blade. One could use the blade of a pair of scissors, or heck, they make special distressing tools. That’s on my wish list. I originally chose this paper because it allowed me to make a red box – which seems more traditional for christmas. It didn’t meet my mom’s approval, however, because it’s not elegent. So, I guess there’s no compromize – you can’t dress up grunge!

Magic Box – Christmas Grunge Outside

magic box christmas grunge lid

Lid of the Magic Box Christmas Gruge

The lid top is deocrated with a square gift tag.

Side 1 of my Magic Box Christmas Grunge

I used Sizzix swirl die cut for the sides of the lid. Just trimmed one or two swirls per side.

Magic Box Christmas Grunge Side 2
Side 2 of Magic Box Christmas Grunge

I used a Martha Steward snow flake punch to decorate the sides as well as the inside.

Magic Box Christmas Grunge Side 3
Side 3 of the Magic Box Christmas Grunge

No snowflake is complete without a gem or something sparkly!

Magic Box Christmas Grunge Side 4
Side 4 of the Magic Box Christmas Grunge

The trick to adhering the swirl is to use a glue pen. And because it’s a small element, place your glue on the die cut in dots, as opposed to trying to draw a line of glue. Just a little tip!

Magic Box Christmas Grunge Inside

Of course, the magic happens when the lid is removed from the box. The sides spring open and lay flat revealing a christmas scene in the middle. I have a gift card holder surrounded by christmas grunge floating shapes.

Magic Box Christmas Grunge Inside
Inside the Magic Box Christmas Grunge

I incorporated some snow flakes into the inside of the box. Brings continuity to the project.

Magic Box Christmas Grunge Gift Card Holder
Close up of Magic Box Christmas Grunge Gift Card Holder

Here’s a close up of the gift card holder. I added a tiny bit of ribbon and some snowflakes and gems.

Magic Box Christmas Grunge Support
Photo of the support of the Magic Box Christmas Grunge

Here is a photo illustrating the mechanics of the project. I use a triangle wedge to support the gift card holder. I poke the transparency / acetate into the bottom decorative paper to support the floating christmas grunge elements.

Believe it or not, I only used three piece of 12×12 to make the box. One piece of decorative paper and two pieces of red cardstock (one for the lid and one for the box). I used accents of blue and green paper here and there. No stamping on this one.

Check out all the other Magic Boxes on my blog!

Homemade Christmas Cards in Purple

Homemade Christmas Cards in Purple

Today I want to show you three homemade Christmas cards in purple….and a hint of green I created with some old rubber stamps I had laying around. I was going for a “religious” theme. Christian theme, to be more exact. A big thank you goes out to my mom who helped me with the angel card. And since I bring it up, let’s start with that one.

angel with horn homemade christmas card in purple

My mom and I purchased this stamp several years ago…and have never been quite happy with any card we’ve created with it. But, we both like this card. I think it has a slight feminine feel to it…only because the angel is feminine.

I colored the image with copics. It’s embossed with silver and distressed with purple Distress Ink by Tim Holtz. I framed it with silver cardstock. It’s matted with purple paper that I stamped with white snowflakes using StazOn white ink. That’s matted with silver and adhered to white cardstock. The silver ribbon actually is a loop on the right and is how you open the card. The angel and left panel actually open to the left. The right panel is actually taped down on the top and bottom and is a gift card holder.

Here’s the gift card holder part.

gift card holder in the homemade christmas card in purple

The next card is my favorite. I think it’s the cute stamps and bold crisp images. My mom likes elegant so this is not her favorite. To each her own.

shephard on the homemade christmas card in purple and green

Here is where the hint of green comes in.

I used my copics to color in this image of the shephard. I cut out the oval using a spellbinder die. Then traced a black circle using the die as a guide. I framed the oval in two shades of green coordinations paper. Then added the two shades of purple. I have a puple brad on the right side which I use as a sort of closure for the card. I have a little piece of black Scrappers Floss as a tie that I wrap around the brad to keep the card closed.

Funny thing about this color combintation, it happens to be the company colors for my husbands work. Guess who’s getting this card….his coworkers! I’m contemplating creating a red and green variation as well for my friends and family.

You may be wondering why I used the coordinations paper for this project. It’s because Joann had their paper on sale last week for 5 for $0.95. Great price for something that is usually $0.60 each!

Here’s the inside. I think it’s adorable! The image of Jesus in the manger is a bit on the cutesy side. And I just adore it. Again I colored it in with copics. I cut it out using QuicKutz nesting circles. And pulled in some of the purple and green from the outside in. The greeting I created on my computer. The purple rectangle behind the manger is actually a gift card holder.

inside the homemade christmas card in purple and green is a gift card holder

The last card I made is using a stamp that I once again had trouble figuring out what to do with in the past. But I am pleased with how it turned out this time.

peace on earth words on a homemade christmas card in purpleI believe my mom would consider this more on the elegant side. She insisted that I used pearls on the four corners. I originally had silver brads there. Apparently that was too industrial looking for her taste! =)

This peace on earth stamp is from My Sentiments Exactly. I stamped it in purple using Tim Holtz distress ink. Then I distressed the edges using his purple ink. I framed it in light purple coordination paper. I have that matted with a deeper purple coordination paper that I ran through my cuttlebug using a swirl embossing plate. I then sanded the swirls to pull out the lighter purple core of the paper. I framed it on a piece of white cardstock that I also distressed the edges of using the purple ink. Oh, and wrapped a little sheer ribbon around for good measure.

I love, love, love these cards. Hmmm…not sure which one I’ll use this year. Knowing my personality, it’ll be the one that’s the most time consuming!

Hope you enjoy.