Baby Pooh & Friends Card

Baby Pooh & Friends Baby Shower Card

There’s something special about homemade baby cards for baby showers. The card gets passed around, people ohh and ahh over it. It makes the effort totally worth it.

Baby Shower Card Cover

My nephew and wife are having a baby soon. Several family members went together on a Pooh print all-in-one car seat/stroller for the baby shower gift. I created a card using the wrapping paper pooh and friends.

As you can see, I simply cut out Winnie the Pooh from the wrapping paper. I adhered him to a piece of shiney teal/blue paper. Then attached that to a lilac piece of cardstock.

I went gender neutral on the card because we do not know if they are having a boy or a girl.

Card untied and slightly openWhen the ribbon is untied and the card is slighly open, you can see that I created a mini book. There are four panels to the card.

I was originally going to make a separate panel for each couple that contributed toward the gift….but couldn’t figure out how to make size pannels using one piece of 12×12 strip. So I settled for the four pannels.

If you look closely, I notched out a half circle on the right most panel to allow the ribbon to attach to the cover.

Bible VerseI wanted to let the new mother know that children are a blessing. So I printed out a Bible verse. Psalm 127:3 says, “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.”

 I framed that with the same teal blue paper from the front. The little butterfly on the verse is from the pooh and friends wrapping paper. The circle on the cover and the inside right panel is a QuicKutz die.

All four panels

Instead of having one panel for each family that contributed to the gift, I simply printed them out. The center two panels each list three families that contributed to the gift. Again, all the images are from the wrapping paper.

This is the first time I’ve used wrapping paper as my main focal point. I think it turned out cute. Maybe I should be scoping out the wrapping paper aisle more frequently!


Stamping Workshop

I’m giving away Copic Markers. Check out my blog candy.

Stamping Workshop – Four Cards – Four Techniques

I was invited to lead a stamping workshop for 48 ladies at a women’s retreat this past weekend. I had no information about whether the ladies had any stamping experience. So I needed to keep things simple, yet inspiring. What a great time….and a lot of prep work!

Four cards at workshop

Four distinct cards using four different techniques

The theme of the weekend was “The Sweet Life”. The images that were used to represent that theme included coffee, candy and feminine (such as lipstick, jewelry, etc). So, I taylored some of my cards to incorporate those images. The trick was to create cards that would keep the ladies at their tables (no stations) and that would be economical. Wow, that’s tough for a gal that likes her copic markers and lots of layers.

Stamping Workshop – Card #1 – Regular Stamping

coffee card in brown and daisy's

One of the favorites - coffee!

One of the favorites was this coffee card. It involves staight stamping and assembling.

I did add a bow using ribbon from Creative Impressions. It’s attached with a glue dot.

The gems really finish the card.

I went a bit untraditional with the greeting. Instead of framing the entire greeting with the gold paper, I just used small pieces to accent the left and right. It almost makes the greeting look like it’s enclosed in brackets!

Coffee Card – Supplies

  • Coffee stamps: TPC Studio
  • Paper: The Best of Kay & Company
  • Gold: The Paper Company
  • Brown: Reem from Xpedx
  • Ribbon: Creative Impressions
  • Gems & glue dots

Stamping Workshop – Card #2 – Embossing & Alternate Use of Punch

So sweet card in blue and pink and brown

So Sweet - baby or thank you card

I have seen quite a few cards lately using candy. Since the theme of the retreat is “the sweet life” I couldnt’ resist having the ladies make a sweet card.

I did not have a stamp with a candy verse, so I printed the words “so sweet” on my printer. I actually pre embossed everything because I only have one embossing machine (cuttlebug). I taught the ladies how to create rounded corners using a circle punch.

So Sweet Card – Supplies

  • Stamp: Studio G
  • Embossing: Cuttlebug
  • Pink Paper: The Paper Company
  • Brown and Blue: Reems from Xpedx
  • Ribbon: Creative Impressions

Stamping Workshop – Card #3 – Distressing

You're a Doll pink dress on white

You're a Doll - thinking of you or thank you card

Here is the card that’s the most feminine of them all. I created something similar to this for my sisters princess bridal shower. The ladies seemed to enjoy this one.

Again, I did not have a stamp that said “You’re a Doll” so I just printed it out on my printer.

My husband thought it too pink. And I really was beginning to question whether to bring it to the retreat. But it was one of the top picks of favorites.

To distress the edges we simply used sponges dabbed in distress ink.

You’re a Doll Card – Supplies

  • Stamp: My Sentiments Exactly
  • Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink
  • Gems and Sponge

Stamping Workshop – Card #4 – Paper Piecing

Simple Happy Birthday

Simple Happy Birthday - Could modify for feminine or masculine

Ok, I must confess, I got this card layout from the Paper Crafts Magazine March/April 2010 issue. I love the simple design.

We used a bit of pink decorative paper on the bottom of the white strip and on the frosting.

A few of the ladies asked why we didn’t just use markers on the cupcake. Great question. My answer – to bring the pink from the bottom up to the top.

Yes, I suppose markers could work. Guess I just like to make things a bit more complicated!

Simply Happy Birthday Card – Supplies

  • Stamp: Studio G
  • Paper: The Best of Kay & Company
  • Rafia
  • Ink: Black Versafine, markers
  • Paper: Craft and White – reems from Xpedx

Homemade Baby Boy Card Thank You Set

Homemade Baby Boy Card Thank You Set

I recycled big time for this homemade baby boy card thank you set. This truly was a joint effort. My sister had the vision for the belt buckle and layout. I contributed the denim, paper selection and the stamp selection. We had purchased a bag of belt buckles at a garage sale…and they have sat in the stamping cabinet for months. I was just about to toss out an old pair of jeans (which happened to rip in a very inappropriate spot!). But our creativity melded together just in time for a baby shower gift for my next door neighbor who is having a baby boy in ten weeks.

Homemade Baby Boy Card Thank You Set – The Card

baby boy card with brown belt and buckle

Front of the Baby Boy Card for the Thank You Set

baby boy card inside

Baby Boy Card Inside

A quick note about this baby boy card and thank you set. The base paper is brown – purchased in a reem at Xpedx. The denim is an old pair of jeans cut with pinking sheers then frayed. The striped paper is DCWV from some paper pack. The ribbon I bought in a spool at Xpedx. To make the belt, we actually taped two strips of brown ribbon to a piece of paper to give the belt shape and to make it double wide because we didn’t have any wide ribbon that looked nice with the buckle! We added gromets to the ribbon to make it look like a belt. And used scrappers floss to tie on the little thank you tag.

Can you mail these cards? Maybe if you used a bubble envelope. Otherwise, I’d recommend hand delivery.

Homemade Baby Boy Card – A Thank You Set

We made 10 of these cards for a thank you set. Then I needed a box to put them in. I was going to make a slide out box, but it would have taken four pieces of paper and I didn’t feel like making a huge piece of paper and folding it into a box. So, I opted for a card / book type contraption. I made this once before for another baby gift and really liked it. So, here you go!

Here is the inside of the gift box.

baby boy card thank you set inside full of cards

Cards tucked into the baby boy thank you set with one pulled out.

baby boy thank you card set empty

I decorated the back of the pockets

As you can see, the inside looks great whether the box is full of thank you cards or empty. I used acetate (write on transparency sheet) to create pockets to hold the thank you cards. I tape that to the brown card. Then I decorate the back of the panels to hide the tape from the transparency as well as to make the box look nice when it’s empty.

Now for the outside:

The outside of the baby boy thank you box when fully open

The box when fully open


baby boy thank you card box tied closed

View of the front and closure of the baby boy thank you card set


back of the baby boy card set

back and closure of the baby boy card set


spine of the baby boy card thank you set

spine of the baby boy thank you card set

Phew, that’s a lot of photos. You may or may not believe this, but I only used two pieces of decorative paper to create all 10 cards and the box. I used a lot of solid blue and brown to create the structure of the cards and box and to frame the white pieces. 

Not sure if you noticed how the brown ribbon ties are attached. I just folded over the brown ribbon, then used a little brad to attach them. I attached the brad prior to adhering the inside decorative panel…so the brad tines are hidden by the inside blue panel. I printed out the welcome baby on the spine in Word Art then colored with copics.

The stamp has a sticker on it that says, “1998 Embossing Arts Co.” I picked it up at a garage sale. I also colored that baby and carriage with my copics. Not sure it shows up, but I gave the baby some soft pink cheeks! The stamp has words below it that say “look who’s here…” but I decided to not use that part.

The thank you words are from a My Sentiments Exactly stamp set. I think that’s about everything.

The card are traditional card size, but I threw in some oversized envelopes due to the bulkiness of the belt buckles. I also threw in a book of stamps. Even if she doesn’t mail them…stamps are always needed! =)

I’m sure you’re wondering how long it took to make….too long! I’m pretty sure there’ s over 8 hours in this project. Hmmm…would have been cheaper just to buy a gift! But not nearly as fun! =)

Homemade Baby Boy 3D Baby Shower Gift

Homemade Baby Boy 3D Baby Shower Gift and Thank You Card Set

So I finally did it….I created a baby gift from scratch for a baby shower. I have been hestitant up to this point to make the entire gift and. More importantly, I’ve been hesitant to give thank you cards as THE gift. But I let loose and got to creating. I love it when everything comes together.

Here are pictures of the thank you cards and the pocket card that contained them!

baby boy baby shower pocket card - the front and side

baby boy baby shower pocket card - the front and side

Ok, what do you think so far? The words “baby boy” on the front are made from Microsoft Word. I created wordart that allowed for hollow letters so I could color them with my copics. And the airplane is a stamp that I cut out – not a die cut. It’s from a set I bought at a garage sale for $3! I love a good deal. It’s from Little Yellow Bicycle – SWS-104 Baby Boy.

Back and side of baby boy pocket card

Back and side of baby boy pocket card

Now, here’s the back and side of the card. The name Logan was created with my Cuttlebug and Soph Alpha set from QuicKutz. The ovals are Spellbinders. I also created the polka dot white paper with the Cuttlebug. And the clouds, well, they’re from an old template that you sponge around.

Believe it or not, I spent quite some time measuring and calculating to figure out how wide the pocket card should be. I calculated for too long, in fact. But it all worked out. I knew I wanted to do a cloud motif because that’s what I did for the cards.

I say, that’s what “I” did for the cards, but I actually had help from my friend Rebecca. She and I sat down and brainstormed the card and cranked out 12 of them in one evening. Later I tweaked the cards (because more is better!). Then I created the pocket card to contain the greeting cards.


Side view of Baby Boy pocket card

Side view of Baby Boy pocket card

Ok, here’s the last side, the closure. Very important component for a pocket card this size! I decided to use blue sheer ribbon as the closure. I contemplated lots of things but worried that the transparancy might break . So, I attached ribbon around the card. I actually weaved it in and out of the front, side and back panels by cutting slits before finally having it come out near the edge. I then covered the slits and weaving with the light blue and white decorative panels.

I also attached a little heart card with my name inside it as the gift tag. The light blue heart opens up like a locket. It’s not real obvious that it’s the card, so next time I might do something a bit more obvious.

As you can see, I used acetate / transparency to create the pocket so you can see the contents! How much fun is that?!

Your first glance at the inside the baby boy pocket card

Your first glance at the inside the baby boy pocket card

Isn’t this  fun! Here’s the inside of the pocket card! Obviously, the left is a little baby boy t-shirt and on the right is the pocket full of thank you cards and envelopes. I had a big chunck of navy blue in the center / spine. I thought it was kind of boring, so I created a cloud panel for there. Which lead me to my next great idea…

an empty baby boy pocket card

an empty baby boy pocket card

Since the pockets are made of acetate, I couldn’t resist making a cloud motif behind each pocket. It serves to conceal how the transparency is attached to the card, it reinforces the pocket and it looks good! Function before form! =) I really love that when the mother to be takes out the contents, the pocket card still looks good. And she could use it to store baby treasures later, if she wants.

Before I show more pictures of the card, a note on the pocket card. I used a scor-pal to create this project. I can’t imagine stamping without it. But, I find that scoring acetate is tricky. It leaves a mark, but doesn’t leave a deep enough crease. My husband saw me struggling with the acetate score line and suggested I use my thin metal ruler to score the piece. Oooh, I could kiss him, and probably did. The ultra thin metal ruler I have is thinner than the scor-pal tool and sturdier enough to put a solid deep crease in the acetate. It’s almost as easy as folding paper! A butter knife might work as well.

Baby Boy Thank You Card

Baby Boy Thank You Card

On to the card! Many thanks to my friend Rebecca for her help in designing and creating the 12 thank you baby boy greeting cards.

As mentioned I tweaked it afterwards. I sponged some blue in the center of the oval and added the word baby to the bottom left.

Oh, and should thank my husband for his suggestion of adding yellow. He wanted a yellow plane. I wasn’t so sure about that. Rebecca suggested the stars be yellow. So, there’s team work for ya!

I also added a little blue gem to the circle on the tail of the plane. The stamp has a little white circle so I felt it needed to be filled with bling! =)

Oh, and almost forgot, the thank you swirl is a stamp from stampendous!

Inside the baby boy thank you card

Inside the baby boy thank you card

Last but not least is a picture of the inside of the thank you card. Just a couple little clouds for interest.

I just realized that I didn’t stamp on the envelopes! I hesitate to decorate envelopes because the ink I use is not waterproof. So I hate to see them smear. But stamped envelopes would have been adorable. Next time!

Speaking of inks, I used Distress ink from Tim Holtz collection for this card. I used it on the airplane as well as sponging for the clouds and distressing.

Hope you enjoy this pocket card and that it inspires you to make a baby gift for your next baby shower!

Birthday Magic Box

3D Magic Box as Kit

The latest class I taught was available as a kit (offered at Simple Pleasures). Unfortunately, attendance was low, so it was only available as a kit. If anyone wants to get in on the fun, this kit is $25. It comes with complete instructions and nearly everything you’ll need to complete it.

And pictures? Well, those are available here, of course! =)

Magic Box in Green, pinks and yellows

Magic Box in Green, pinks and yellows

So, here’s the outside of the box. It’s a green box with pink accent and a yellow decorative paper that features pretty packages, bows and birds. This could be used for birthday, bridal shower, baby shower….because there are no words on it. If you need a gift, this is pretty generic. It would work for most any holiday or special occassion.

Magic Box Top - Gift Tag

Magic Box Top - Gift Tag

Can you see the glitter I added to two of the packages on the gift tag? I also put green bows on each side of the lid with 1/2″ green ribbon. And who doesn’t love a little bling! =)

Magic Box Gift Card Holder - Close UP

Magic Box Gift Card Holder - Close UP

Again, the packages on the gift card holder have glitter. And so do the ribbons on the side panels. Using a glue pen, I scribbled glue on the paper and sprinkled with glitter. How fun is that! Who needs a glitter stack when you can add glitter yourself! =)

Magic Box Side View

Magic Box Side View

Ok, this side view is very important. Notice the triangle support behind the gift card holder? Not too fancy. And how about the floating presents, do you see the transparency strips I used to hold those? And did you notice those packages have glitter, too?! These things aren’t too difficult, but they add a lot of interest. I made little slits in the center panel and slid the transparency in and secured with adhesive. Easy as can be.

So, for those who would like a few more photos on how it’s done, check these out.

Magic Box Taped and Ready to Go

Magic Box Taped and Ready to Go

With everything scored, cut and folder, here’s where you put the tape on the major pieces. Left is the gift card holder. Middle is the gift card holder support and to the right is the lid.

Magic Box Folds

Magic Box Folds

I’m guessing that some of the folds for the gift card holder and the gift card holder support may be tricky, especially for those first timers out there. So here are a couple of photos that I hope will help. The top picture is me tucking the side panel under the bottom part of the gift card holder. The bottom photo is me making a triangle support for the gift card holder.

Supply List:

  • 2 pieces 12×12 Green cardstock
  • 1 piece 12×12 pink cardstock
  • 1 piece 12×12 decorative paper (Heidi Grace)
  • white typing paper
  • gems
  • 1/2″ green grosgrain ribbon (Creative Impressions)
  • 1/8″ green grosgrain ribbon (Creative Impressions)
  • foam tape
  • double sided tape
  • single sided tape
  • craft knife
  • scor-pal
  • scissors
  • Quickie glue pen
  • glitter
  • acetate / transparency sheet
  • Zots

Baby Warhol Card

Baby Warhol Card

 Last night I couldn’t help myself. I have no need for a baby card…but after seeing the card Sandi MacIver made on her site, I was inspired to make this baby card.

Tone on tone baby animals
Tone on tone baby animals

I thought it would be fun to have each animal coming out of it’s square. So I cut the squares to 1.5″ x 1.5″. The card is 4.25′ x 4.25″ square as well.

The inside of the card has another elephant and the words Congrats using QuicKutz Soph alpha.

Nothing says congrats like a pink elephant!

Nothing says congrats like a pink elephant!

Diecuts for the front are from Cuttlebug. Paper is scraps I had laying around. The card is bazzil.

Oh Baby

Stamping with Princess – Oh Baby Card

Before I get started, please take my poll on men (or more importantly…masculine cards). It will open a new window. After you finish taking the poll, close that window and you’ll be right back here. Thanks!

After browsing Split Coast Stampers website the other day I decided I just had to make a waterfall card for a baby shower I will be attending…in a month! And I had to make it right now! Never mind the fact that I need thank you cards for gifts I received for my birthday a month ago!

Oh Baby Waterfall Card

Oh Baby Waterfall Card

One difference between my card and the tutorial on Split Coast Stampers is the fact that on my card, you can’t see the image on the layer below. It took my sister and I about 30 minutes to figure out what measurements each layer needed to be in order to conceal the layer beneath! Her excuse…jetlag. Mine….tired. Hmm…..

As you pull on the tab, the top layer flips up revealing the layer below.

As you pull on the tab, the top layer flips up revealing the layer below.

As you pull on the tab on the bottom, each layer flips up revealing the layer below. And above the animal is the baby name for the animal. Lion’s have cubs, monkey’s have infants and elephants have calfs.

This layer reveals a monkey with the baby name of infant

This layer reveals a monkey with the baby name of infant

The last animal is revealed. The elephant calf.

The last animal is revealed. The elephant calf.

I don’t like the stamped images on the pull tab…but it’s done. Since I have a month before the actual baby shower…I may cut the pull tab part out and replace it with solid yellow. We’ll see.

The patterned paper for this card is from Debbie Mumm for Jo-Ann paper pack. The baby animal die cuts are Cuttlebug. The Oh Baby letters are QuicKutz Soph alphabet set. The alphabet letters for the baby names is Sizzix Take It Easy. The solid colors are from some cheap cardstock pack purchased at Sam’s. It’s unfortunately baby yellow on one side and mustard yellow on the other. So the inside may look a bit funny…but it’s what I had to work with.

My attempt to cover the mustard yellow up.

My attempt to cover the mustard yellow up.

So in an attempt to cover the mustard yellow, I used a square of each color used on the front of the card.