Red Lobster Gift Card Gift Box

Red Lobster Gift Card Gift Box

For a gift exchance, I picked up a Red Lobster gift card. I decided to create a little gift box…and couldn’t resist adding a bit of a hint as to what the box holds inside.

Red Lobster Gift Card Gift Box

This is quick and simple. The lobster stamp is Imaginisce. The Warm Winter Wishes tag on the left is My Sentiments Exactly. The pine is Greatest Impressions.


Homemade Fathers Day Card Bear Box

Homemade Father’s Day Card – Bear Box

I handmake a goodie box for my Father for Father’s Day. The entire package is an outdoorsy theme. As usual, I used products from number of different lines.

Father's Day Gift Box

The picture didn’t turn out so well, but it’s my own fault since I waited until the last minute to create this gift box! On the left is the card. On the right I wrapped some dark chocolate squares and decorated with a tree die from a cuttlebug plate.

Homemade Father’s Day Card – The Card

Father's Day Bear and Nature

For the Father’s Day card, I used the bear stamp from Stampin’ Up which I colored with Copics (used Memento Ink to stamp the image). I incorporated a few trees from Cuttlebug. I hand cut the shape of the sun. Oh, and I added a little tag from Stampin’ Up. The greeting is from Hero Arts. The ink for the stamp and the distressed edges is Tim Holtz distress ink.

You’ll notice the card has a Susan B. Anthony coin attached to it. That will become more clear when you see the contents of the inside of the card.

Homemade Father’s Day Card – Inside the Card

Inside the Bear Card - Lottery Tickets

Inside the card I have tucked some scratch lottery tickets inside a pocket with the top edge cut to look like grass. I cut the grass by hand. Since I was in a hurry, my husband cut out the QuicKutz letters for me. I also added some cuttlebug tree die shapes and a Stampin’ Up star from the set that has the bear. Again, I distressed the edges with Tim Holtz distress ink.

Homemade Father’s Day Card – The Box

Box Bottom

As they say, presentation is everything. So I wrapped it all up in a homemade gift box. As you can see by looking at the bottom, I stamped Martha Stuart leaves on the package. I used Tim Holtz distress ink to give the paper texture and to add green color to the leaves. If you scroll to the top, you can see that I have leaves on the inside of the box as well.

I finished the box off with a clear lid – cut to the same size as the base. This makes the lid nice and snug. The box is one of the more simple boxes, no reinforced areas because I anticipate this being tossed in the trash. I wrapped the box closed with grossgrain ribbon from Creative Impressions.

Homemade Recipe Card

Homemade Recipe Card – For Bridal Shower

Upon being asked to write a recipe on a single piece of plain yellow cardstock for inclusion in my soon-to-be niece’s bridal shower cookbook, I couldn’t resist throwing caution to the wind and creating my own, more elaborate recipe card. I suppose most people will write one recipe on one side of the little yellow card and call it good. But I had a vision of creating an interactive card in the colors of the wedding…and incorporating the bridal shower invitation, to boot.

The cover utilizes stamps from Stampin’ Up.  I colored them in with copic markers. The wedding colors are brown and leaf green. I used a piece of light green columns vellum for interest behind the chef. I got the green vellum from a paper sample book from my good friend Vickie (thank you!).

A little pull tab helps keep the card closed. There are a few layers inside the card that hindered it from laying flat when closed. So I created a pull tab mechanism to keep the card nice and tidy.

Bon Appetit is stamped in black and the edges are distressed with Tim Holtz Distress Ink. The brads are from Creative Impressions.

Homemade Recipe Card – The Inside

For the inside, I attached recipes on both the left and right panels. I added little green flaps that open outward. The green flaps are of a stick figure couple. These are trimmed from the bridal shower invitation.

You can see the pull tab on the very far right. When pulled, it slides to the right and allows the card to open.

On first glance it appears that I am only providing two recipe’s for the bride-to-be. But I really wanted to give her some of my favorites and oft requested recipe’s. So, in addition to Beanless Chili and Spaghetti Sauce, I have included a couple of desserts.

As this picture shows, I have additional recipe’s below the top card. I couldn’t resist sending her a couple of dessert recipe’s with main dish recipe’s.

Once you open the little green tabs that have the stick figures, you can see the photo I added of the corresponding desserts. The left tab has Chocolate Covered Grahams. The right tab has White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies.

The top recipe is simply attached with a piece of leaf green cardstock behind the bottom recipe. The piece of green cardstock acts as a hinge.

Homemade Recipe Card – The Back

To finish off the card, I  added another portion of the bridal shower invitation. This is adhered with puffy tape (dimensionals) so that I could hide the slider mechanism. That, and it’s a fun way to decorate the back of the card.

The slider is created with puffy tape which creates a track for the slider and also a stop mechanism so that the slider doesn’t come off the card.

I stamped a couple little Stampin’ Up stamps on it and signed the card. I may need to insert a little card to write a note to the bride-to-be because I won’t be able to attend the bridal shower since it’s out of state.

The host is creating  little recipe book. I’m not sure how this will work with that. But hopefully they can make it work!

Birthday Card and Gift Box

Homemade Birthday Card and Matching Gift Box

homemade birthday card and coordinating gift boxThey say it’s your birthday….it’s my birthday, too! Yep, today is my birthday and my sisters. We’re twins. I waited until the very last minute to make her card, buy a gift and make a coordinating gift box! I finished it and was only 5 minutes late in picking her up for our birthday lunch with our parents. We have been known to be a couple minutes late to family get togethers…so I’m sure it was no surprise. My parents are always early so they had probably been waiting for 15 minutes!

Here’s my attempt at creating a simple and fun birthday card. I came across this absolutely scrumptious ribbon, new from Creative Impressions. So the entire card is inspired from a piece of one inch green ultra thin and ultra poofy ribbon.

Homemade Birthday Card – Simple and Fun

homemade birthday card simple and funIt dawned on me first thing this morning that I hadn’t made a card for my sister. Oops. And I was going to be seeing her for lunch….so I figured a card was in order.

I pulled out some simple stamps and simple colored paper. I wanted to use the green ribbon and I also wanted the card to be bright and fun. So I opted for green and pink as my main inspiration.

I colored the cupcake with some copic markers. And I couldn’t resist adding a couple little gems. At the last minute I added the little yellow tag that says, “love”.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of cards with a couple of rounded corners. Not all four corners…but just a couple.

Inside the homemade birthday cardInside the card I brought in the green and pink. I needed a surface to write a birthday greeting. So I have a very large chunk of white paper. I accented that with a little birthday package from the Stampin’ Up set. 

Lately I have found that adding interest to the inside really finishes the card. Again, I colored the image with copic markers.

The happy birthday greeting is from My Sentiments Exactly.

After I created the card I decided that I had time to run to the store and pick up a quick gift. My sister has started to stamp a bit more now that she’s back in the States. So I couldn’t resist getting her some stamping gear.

Homemade Gift Box

Homemade gift box close upI picked up a Sizzix alphabet set for my sister since she recently purchased a Cuttlebug. I could have wrapped it in traditional gift wrap, but I decided that it would be way cuter in a homemade gift box. So…I set out to make a coordinating box.

I measured the die cut plate and just created a box to fit. The die cut is longer than a single piece of paper so I decided to make a two part box. The top green portion is 1/8″ bigger then the bottom box.

Again I went with a clean and simple design. I finished it off with some gems….then a few more gems! The pink scallop border is attached to the top green lid. A word of warning: the scallops are very fragile! So, this box is really only good for one time use!

My sister was very pleasantly surprised. She oooh’d and aaah’d over it. Which made it all worth it.

Homemade Birthday Card and Gift Box

  • Present and Cupcake stamp – Stampin’ Up (probably retired)
  • Happy Birthday Greeting stamp – My Sentiments Exactly
  • Paper – The Paper Company
  • Gems
  • Scallop Punch – Stampin’ Up
  • Ribbon – Creative Impressions
  • Tag greeting and punch – Stampin’ Up
  • Corner Rounder
  • Black Memento Inkpad
  • Copic markers
  • Circle and Scallop Circle – Punches
  • Zots to attach ribbon to card

Wedding Album Magic Box

Homemade Wedding Album Magic Box

Inspired by a photo album magic box I created for my neighbor to commemorate the 10th birthday party of her twins, I decided to create a wedding album magic box of my outdoor wedding. This is no ordinary magic box. Check it out. 

First up, the video. I have lots of photos of the box, but don’t want this video to get buried.

Wedding Album Magic BoxIf you look really close, you can see the details of my wedding. We had a camping wedding weekend. Tent camping Friday night as well as the wedding ceremony took place at Painted Rocks Campground (just outside Woodland Park, CO).

S’more’s on Friday night and the reception Saturday evening were held at Camp Elim (also just outside Woodland Park, CO).

Though we had a casual outdoor wedding, I wore a fully beaded wedding dress. Only 5 people knew I was going to wear a traditional wedding dress. I insisted that I was going to wear jeans to my own wedding because I dispise dressing up so much. Not even my husband knew I was wearing a dress until I walked down the isle.

Side View of Outside of Wedding Album Magic Box

The magic box is created on a 12×12 piece of black cardstock. I covered the sides with silver swirl decorative paper from Jo-Ann which is framed in silver cardstock. Adorning the sides of the magic box is black grossgrain ribbon from Creative Impressions. I also used pearl gems and white wedding ribbon from Jo-Ann. I also have a silver heart created using a QuicKutz die.

All four sides and the lid are decorated with these elements.

Wedding Album Magic Box – Inside 

The wedding album opens up much like a traditional magic box.

Wedding Magic Box Open

When you remove the lid from the magic box, the four sides fold out flat. But if you look at the center of the box, there is another box waiting to be opened. I used a piece of acetate (transparency) to hold the sides of the second layer up so that you can see all the photos in the first layer…..or can you.

Actually, each side panel is a pocket and there are photos tucked inside them. I created little pull tags with cream cord (Creative Impressions) and a pull tag (homemade with a small circle punch and hand written “pull”). Check it out.

Wedding Album Magic box 1st Layer All OpenNot only are there hidden pockets behind each photo, but the photo itself swings open much like a door to reveal a larger photo inside. I used heart brads to keep the photos closed. Then when you swing the brad around, it allows the photo to open to reveal the second photo behind.

The sides of the second box also have photos on them. All told, this 1st layer of the wedding album has 16 photos.

Wedding Album Magic Box – Second Layer

If you think the first layer is pretty fancy, wait until you see what surprises I have for the second layer!

Wedding Album Magic Box 2nd Layer RevealedAgain, this layer looks a lot like a tradtional magic box. It even has floating hearts (floaters are so magic box). In this photo you can see the clear lid that was holding the second layer up.

In the very middle of the magic box is a little booklet. It’s held in place by an acetate (transparency) box.

Again, you can see little heart brads holding the photos closed. Because you know they are going to open just like the first layer. But wait…what are the little pieces of ribbon sticking out under them???

Wedding album Magic Box with All Layers OpenYes, the photos open to reveal a second photo…but there are also photos attached by the heart brad that swing out! The little white ribbon is actually a pull tab to swing the photo out.

This layer of the wedding album has 15 photos. As you may or may not be able to see, the inside is decorated using the same materials as the outside. We have ribbon, pearls, heart brads, in addition to the same decorative paper.

But wait. There are still more photos. We haven’t looked at the little book in the very center of the magic box.

Wedding Album Magic Box – Center Booklet

Wedding Album close up of clear box holding bookletThe booklet in the center is held in place by an acetate box. The booklet is tied closed with a piece of wedding ribbon.

I chose to decorate the front cover with the names of all the wedding party. I simply printed that out on my home computer/copier.

This photos also shows you a side view of the floating hearts. The hearts themselves are stuck to a thin piece of acetate which is attached to the base of the center of the magic box.

Wedding Booklet OpenPull out the booklet and untie the ribbon to see the first two photos. These were our engagement photos.

In this photo you can see a little tag I created entitled “the Engagement”. I created it on my computer and printed on my copier. It’s matted with a piece of silver cardstock.

I actually have little tags like this throughout the wedding album magic box. I think it adds interest but also descibes the various parts of the event for people who may not have attended the wedding or know our families very well.

Wedding Book Fully OpenWhen the wedding booklet is fully open, you can see four additional photos from the wedding. There is a small piece of decorative paper on the bottom portion. I didn’t want to decorate the inside too much or the booklet wouldn’t fold well.

Back of the Wedding BookletThe back of the booklet is a great shot of us walking down the “aisle” after the ceremony. I thought it fitting to put a picture of our backsides on the back of the booklet.

I also stamped a little greeting that says, “Happily Ever After”. It’s framed in a piece of silver cardstock. Here you can see the ribbon that ties the booklet closed.

More Magic Boxes

I have created other magic boxes and have a FREE Magic Box Tutorial here for the simplified magic box. Sorry, no template yet for this tricked out version. To see more than the ones listed below, click the Magic Box category on the left.

Wedding Album Magic Box – Supplies

  • 35 photos
  • black cardstok
  • silver cardstock
  • silver swirl decorative paper (Jo-Ann)
  • black grossgrain ribbon (Creative Impressions)
  • wedding ribbon (Jo-Ann)
  • white pearl gems
  • heart brads (Creative Impressions)
  • Heart Die (QuicKutz)
  • Acetate (Write on Transparency from office supply store)
  • Happily Ever After stamp (All Night Media)

Homemade 3D Shoe – Two

I’m giving away Copic Markers. Check out my blog candy.

Homemade 3D Shoe – Orange and Pink

I taught a stamping / cardmaking workshop for 48 ladies at a women’s retreat on Saturday. I homemade a few 3D shoe favors (template by Ellen Hutson) as door prizes. The first lady who won chose this orange and pink shoe.

Homemade 3D high heel shoe party favor in orange and pink

Gems make this 3D shoe party favor sparkle

Orange and pink are not colors I typically put together, but when I saw this big pink ribbon, I couldn’t resist making a bow and adding it to the shoe. I added pink paper to accent the heel and sole of the shoe, which really made everything come together. Of course, the gems really give the shoe sparkle and put this shoe in a class of it’s own! =) The shoe holds a little bag of treats but could easily hold a little sack of bird seed.

Orange and Pink homemade 3D shoe from top

3D shoe party favor holds just a little something.

I just adore this 3D shoe. I think it would make an awesome wedding favor, bridal shower favor, Mother’s Day gift card holder or an awesome party favor at a princess party! I filled this one with a little bag of dove chocolates.

Here is another 3D Shoe.

Homemade 3D Shoe – Supplies

  1. The shoe template is from Ellen Hutson
  2. The orange paper is cheap double sided stock I picked up at Costco a while back.
  3. The ribbon is a scrap I had on hand.
  4. The pink paper is also scrap I had on hand. I think it came from a paper sample book. It’s got a sheen to it.

3D Shoe Wedding Favor

3D Shoe – Party Favor Great for Weddings

This 3D high heel shoe (template from Ellen Hutson) is perfect as a wedding favor or bridal shower favor. Me, I’m creating a few of these as giveaways at a women’s retreat. I’ll be leading a stamping workshop for 48 women and I thought a little random giveaway would be fun.

In case you  haven’t seen my blog candy, view my giveaway here.

wedding favor

Here I’ve created what I like to think is a very classic shoe. I used some cheap double sided paper that I picked up at Costco eons ago. I covered the top of the toe box with the solid side. Accented several places with black paper and ribbon. Very simple. Ellen Hutson’s pattern doesn’t come with instructions, but the template is pretty straight forward. I used the template that is all one piece. To create the black accents, I just traced around the portion of the template that I wanted. Such as the sole of the shoe and the heel.

3D homemade high heel shoe View From The Top

Here is a view from the top. The shoe is an open toe shoe, so you can see the black part of the sole sticking out. I had a scrap of green grossgrain in my ribbon box and couldn’t resist making a big bow for the top of the shoe!

3D Wedding Favor

As I mentioned earlier, this would make a great wedding favor box. Here I have added a little bag of dove chocolates. Of course, with Mother’s Day coming up, this might make a really cute little gift box. Hmmm…maybe use it as a gift card holder???

Tip: The shoe template is a PDF that you can print at home. I print the template on a piece of white cardstock then cut it out. I then traced around the white cardstock template using a stylus so that the paper I will make the shoe from doesn’t have any ink marks.

Blog Candy – Cowboy Style

This post will stay on top until the giveaway.

Blog Candy – Cowboy Style

Today I have some blog candy that includes 12 copic markers and some homemade cowboy boot cards and gift box. I was inspired to create this giveaway package after I created 4 prize cards for a house raffle I am working on. I could use your help in spreading the word about the blog candy and the raffle. See details below about how to register to win.

The Pikes Peak Rotary Club of Woodland Park, CO is raffling off a $1.3 Million Dollar Colorado Mountain Home. I’m helping them market the raffle and run the 8 early cash prize drawings. My twin sister, Deborah Bagley, emceed the 2nd $10,000 early cash drawing and she prepared a little comedy sketch to announcement of the 4 lucky winners. She went with a western theme, so I prepared little cowboy boot prize cards.

The boot template from Ellen Hutson is for the 3-D boot gift box. I simply used the front part to create the prize cards. I used some brown cardstock for the base of the boot and paper from The Best of Kay & Company for the top portion. I scraped a bit of white Staz-on ink around the edges of the brown portion of the boot to give it a bit of scuff marks. I created the numbers in Microsoft Word and used Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink to give the boots and numbers a bit of depth. The back is white cardstock to give the cards strength and to provide a place to write the names of the winners of the 2nd early drawing.

I thought it would be fun to create a greeting card in the shape of a boot. So I folded a piece of brown cardstock in half and traced around the template.

Again, I used a piece of paper from The Best of Kay & Company for the top portion of the boot. I couldn’t resist adding a few gems! I distressed the edges with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink. As before, I scraped the white Staz-on inkpad along the brown part of the boot to scuff it up a bit.

Blog Candy –  The Whole Western Package

Now for the giveaway. I am giving away everything you see in this post. That includes the 3D cowboy boot full of 12 copic markers, the 4 prize cards and the boot greeting card.

Copic markers are great for blending. I have hand selected these for blending and for variety. I think they will make a great starter set or great addition to any collection. The blog candy includes: YG63, YG67, Y15, Y17, B95, B99, R29, R39, E00, E13, YR18 and C1. That’s yellow, blue, green, red, orange, flesh tones and light grey (for adding shadows).

I will ship internationally.

I’m hoping to raise big time awareness about the raffle. We are giving away a $1.3 Million Dollar Colorado Mountain Home on July 9, 2010. There are up to 40 chances to win cash prizes or the house. There are big cash prizes every two weeks, now thru June 4th. Proceeds benefit charity. The house is 6,300 square feet on 20 acres of heavily forested land. You can learn more on the Pikes Peak Rotary Raffle website.

For the blog candy, there are up several ways to register. You may only leave comments as follows to be eligible to win the candy:

  1. Simply leave a comment on this post that you would like to win the blog candy.
  2. Post and link the blog candy and the raffle on your blog, then come back and leave a second comment that you’ve posted it on your blog. If you don’t have a blog, just tell us how you will spread the word about the candy and the raffle.
  3. Become a fan of the raffle on facebook for a third chance to register. Click become a fan on facebook, then come back here and leave a comment letting me know.
  4. Follow the raffle on twitter for a fourth chance to register. Once you follow the raffle on twitter, come back here and leave a comment letting me know.
  5. For every ticket you purchase, leave a comment here. For instance, if you buy two tickets, leave two comments letting me know.

The blog candy is available for anyone in the world. We will ship internationally.

Blog candy is open until April 30, 2010. We will randomly select a winner and post a winner Monday, May 3.

Homemade Valentine Box

Homemade Valentine Box – Movie Night

My sweetheart and I don’t usually make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. This year I asked him to buy me a little chocolate heart from the grocery store. Nothing fancy. I was simply going to make a card, but was inspired by my sister to make a valentine’s box with a movie theme. Check out Deborah’s Valentine Box. I took the simple approach to my box. Oh, wait….that’s my new approach anyhow!

homemade valentine box

I decided to use a hinge on the valentine, because my husband assures me that hinges are very masculine. I also distressed all the edges with Tim Holtz black distress ink because my husband loves the distressed look. (Check out my husband distressing paper). My one accent that I’m not sure about is the giant sized button.

I chose this button because it had an elevated back for sewing to clothes. I usually try to make all my buttons flat but this time I wanted it to be more of a handle for opening the little door. I hole punched the paper twice then used scrappers floss the tie the button onto the card.

I colored the ice cream with copics and aged it with Tim Holtz distress ink. The stamp is from Stampin’ Up. The words “I Love You” are from My Sentiments Exactly. The hindge is from Jo-Ann Essentials. The button is from an old sweater!

I used red marker on the letters after I stamped it in black. Also used glitter gelly roller pen on the letters and around the ice cream. I put two small white pen marks – one on the cherry and one on the chocolate ice cream.

When you open the door you get a sneak peek at the inside and there’s a little pocket card that holds a gift card – in this case to the movies. There is a piece of acetate / transparency which the gift card pocket is adhered to.

To get to the candy you simply remove the entire lid. The door makes it appear that you access the insides through the door. But it’s really just a lid much like a gift box you get for sweaters.

You are not suppose to take candy into the movie with you. And my husband doesn’t usually eat candy at the movies, but I thought it would make a cute little Valentine package. Cause, well, they sell candy at the movies!

Wedding Card Class

Homemade Wedding Card Class

I taught a homemade wedding card class on Saturday at my local stamp store (Simple Pleasures) and it was a blast. I had six students and they each made four cards and two favor boxes. Many of the students were suprised at how easy the cards were to make…well, all except for the making of the bow ties! A special thank you to one of my students, a surgeon, who gave me a thank you gift. That was sooo thoughtful!

Here was my display board.

Display board of homemade wedding cards

One card many variations

I’ve showcased some of these cards here on my blog, but here was an actual class I taugh. The top left card is for a bridal shower. The bottom right is a card I make in sets of 20 as a gift to newly weds. And the favor boxes might be something you can make for a bridal shower or rehersal dinner. They would be really cute as bird seed holders…if you want to make that many!

Close-up of Homemade Wedding Favor Boxes

homemade wedding favor boxes in shape of tux and wedding dress

wedding favor boxes make adorable decorations or bird seed containers

These are ordinary 2x2x2 boxes dressed up to look like a tuxedo and a wedding dress. A great twist on a simple box. The dress box really was 2″ all around. The tux box is 4″ tall by 2″ wide.

All the cards were created using My Sentiments Exactly dress stamp W362 which is wood mounted. They sell the dress in a smaller size as part of an acrylic set. The tux shirt was just something I created which is available on a previous post – see link below.

Normally I create the wedding dress for these cards using embossing pad and bridal embossing powder. But for class we stamped the dress image on the back of sparkle white cardstock and cut out. And it worked great.

Here are my other variations of the bride and groom card including video and template:

I also used the dress stamp on some princess themed stuff. Check out my homemade princess creations.

UPDATE: I just found a card on that modified this basic design. Check it out! It’s gorgeous!

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