The Princess in Me

It’s my sisters fault (no, I’m not skirting my responsibility). She got married New Years Day 2009 and as her favorite twin sister (yes, I realize I’m her only twin sister) I decided to throw her a Princess Bridal Shower. After all, her husband and then fiance called her his princess. Maybe he’s to blame. Regardless (or irregarless as my twin sister sometimes says, to which my brother cringes knowing irregarless is not a word) it seemed appropriate to throw her  a Princess Themed Bridal Shower. And that’s when it all started.

It was then I realized, “I like pretty cards. Even girly ones!” Why shouldn’t I? I’m a woman. Though I feel more like a tomboy because I enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing and dirt bike riding. But, I also appreciate girly things, too. Things like the color pink, crying at chick flicks and of course, chocolate. I enjoy the symphony (wearing blue jeans), cucumber sandwiches and chocolate (oh, I said that already).  

I find that I’m fairly low maintenance (my husband may disagree) and that I don’t need or want a lot of frilly clothes or smelly perfumes. I don’t like tea, therefore don’t enjoy tea parties. But I am, at the core a woman. And I believe all women are princesses. Some are more demonstrative than others about it. Some may be in denial about it (who, me?). But the more I think about it, the more I love the princess in me.

So I’ve created this blog as a way to express my love for pretty cards and other handmade items. I hope the princess in you enjoys what you see, too!