Homemade Christmas Cards and Gifts

Homemade Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas everyone. As is my custom, I waited until the last minute to make my christmas cards! My twin sister and I got together to design a card on December 19th! Every piece of paper my sister touched turned into a beautiful piece of artwork. Me, not so much. So this year’s card was designed by Deborah. She helped me make 12 of them (cause I needed them that night). Then the next day I made 60 more!

Needless to say I wanted a simple card this year since the date was getting so late. My husband tried his hand at a couple designs…I didn’t select any of his (sorry honey). Now, I did modify my sisters card ever so slightly so I could color it with proper blending techniques using my copic markers.

homemade christmas card in all it's glory

If I had started stamping my Christmas cards in July instead of December 19th, everyone on my list would have gotten this card. But, since it involves a lot of trim work, cutting, blending, etc….everyone got a more simplified version of the above. We used a glitter pen…which is very bold in the picture, but more subtle in real life.

Two versions of the christmas card. One with ribbon, the other without.

Two versions of the homemade christmas card

Some people received a card with a ribbon and some without. I was very nervous about the post office charging extra postage because of the bulkiness of the ribbon. So, the ribbon pictured here is velvet red. It’s very bulky and was only used on cards that were hand delivered. I used a red sheer ribbon for those I mailed. But like I said, the majority of my cards went without ribbon. Who wants to receive a christmas card with the message “postage due” on it?!

Here’s my husbands card. He was very proud of it. I mailed it to his dad!

husband and his homemade christmas card

Husband proudly displays his art

Not sure if you can make it out…the top red and green word is Joy from an old D.O.T.S. stamp (now Close to My Heart). Below that is red chicks in the shape of a chrismtas tree (from DeNami stamps). I just won the chicks…and my husband was the first to use them. =)

Homemade Christmas Gifts and Boxes

This year I made some gift boxes for a few lucky souls. I gave a box to each member of the worship team at my Bible Study group. I also gave one to a neighbor, my lifecoach, my mothers nurses, and to the sales lady at Creative Impression (a wholesale ribbons store). These boxes were inspired from Inking Idaho.

gift box with decorated post it note holder and chocolates

Here are just a couple homemade gift boxes

We made little boxes, dividers inside, decorated post it notes, covered hershey nuggets candies, mint patties and added a christmas pencil. We covered each box with a clear lid that fits snuggly on top so you can see the contents inside and tied it off with ribbon from Creative Impressions.

I made the following snowman box and tree box for my sister. It’s just a little something to say “Thinking of You” at Chrstimas.

snowman box and tree box hold christmas m&ms.

Snowman and pine tree say Colorado Christmas

I had made a tree before for my husband on our anniversary. It gave me the inspiration to make the snowman and tree for Christmas. These were very simple to make. The snowman is obviously just three circles. The largest bottom one as the bottom trimmed off. The tree was cut free hand. The box is made from write on transparencies from an office supply store. The Holiday Joy stamp is from My Sentiments Exactly. The large snowflake and the branches are from Martha Stuart. Eyes and buttons are hole punches. Carron was cut freehand.

Here’s a look at the closure.

close up of snowman box closure

closure is a button with a snowflake punch

I used a brad to secure twine to the top flap. Then used a brad to adhere a button to the side of the box. The twine from the top comes down and cirlcles around the button to keep the box closed. Easy as can be.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!


  1. sartenada said,

    December 24, 2009 at 16:49

    Your Xmas cards are nice looking. Maybe Christmas cards made be own hand are more valuable than those bought from a shop. I do not know.

    Compare my old Xmas cards which I have a collection here.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Vickie said,

    January 28, 2010 at 19:07

    I loved my CCard and the box was so cool. It was hard to eat the candy because they were so beautifully decorated in their new wrappers.

  3. Karen said,

    December 4, 2011 at 06:15

    I love the Snowman… Do you happen to have the measurements for the treat box you made? Thanks!

  4. December 5, 2011 at 09:04


    Thanks for writing. No I do not have measurements any more for the Chrismtas box. I gave all the gifts away and don’t have them to measure. But the big compartments fit a post it note. Then add a little more space for the pencil. I’ve actually put my stamping on the back burner. Crochet has become my current love. http://www.yarnovations.com.


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