Plastic Grocery Bag Slider Card

Plastic Grocery Bag Slider Card

I am sooo in love with interactive homemade greeting cards these days. I’m not sure why. I love static cards, too. But there’s something fun about an interactive card. With my brother’s anniversary and his wife’s birthday falling on the same day, I decided to make them a double slider card. I saw this technique in a video a while back and knew it would be the perfect type card.

Earth tones since it's a card for my brother and his wife

Earth tones since it's a card for my brother and his wife

Nothing says happy anniversary and happy birthday like flowers. I thought the earth tones on this card would make a nice blend of masculine meets feminine. I stamped the flower with Momento black ink and colored it in with copic markers. I distressed the edge with Distress ink. Paper is scrap I had on hand from 10 years ago!

Greeting above and below!

Greeting above and below!

When my brother and his wife pull the slider on the top, a slider card will come out below at the same time. The upper card says happy birthday and the bottom slider says happy anniversary.

Now, imagine how excited I was to send them this card. I couldn’t wait to hear back from them. Well, come to find out, I didn’t put enough postage on the card…and they had to go to the post office and pay postage due just to get the card. I imagine they weren’t too thrilled with me for that mishap! =)

I needed some masculine birthday cards for my dad and a get well card for my father-in-law…so I recreated the cards for them. See my slight modifications below.

Card for my father-in-law

Card for my father-in-law

This card looks similar to the original, but I forgot to add faint sunflowers in the background. So I added my own little hash marks to dress it up.

Birthday Card for my dad

Birthday Card for my dad

This card I created for my dad’s birthday. I accidently cut the yellow too small, so I opted to make it smaller and more horizontal. I added my own hash marks again to dress it up.



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    […] a reminder of the card I created. See my previous post for the various versions of the same card. If you have any questions about the tutorial, leave me a […]

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