Hobby Cabinet For Sale

Stamping with Princess – Hobby Cabinet For Sale

That’s right, I have a Hobby Cabinet for sale. Well, not the cabinet itself, but the plans to make a cabinet. Here is a video of the cabinet my dad made me. He has been a wood worker for over 30 years. He drew up the plans to the stamping cabinet he built. You can have one, too!

100% of the shelves are adjustable. You can have the shelves as tall or as narrow as you need. For instance, on the left two sets of shelves I wanted them to fit drawers and boxes of paper. But on the right I have the shelves set taller for stuff like my cutting board and scor-pal.

See this post where I’m giving away one free set. But you can purchase a set of plans today for only $6.99! Wow, that’s cheap! There are 4 pages. Hand drawn, then saved as PDF’s. So order the plans and I’ll email you a set! Print them as 11×17 at the copy center or 8.5×11 at home.

Visit my Store to purchase your set today!


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