Stamping with Princess – Skull for Many Occassions

Before I get started, please take my poll on men (or more importantly…masculine cards). It will open a new window. After you finish taking the poll, close that window and you’ll be right back here. Thanks!

My sister is visiting this week. We decided to do a little stamping while she is here…and this is her creation! I don’t know if I should start out by saying that her husband likes skulls or not…so I will. At first she wasn’t real keen on his fascination…but apparently she’s warmed up to it!

Skull with Bow - Who buys stamps like this?!

Skull with Bow - Who buys stamps like this?!

So, we got to thinking about all the hundreds of different occassions you can use this for. There are soooo many! lol Sure, there’s:

  1. Happy Halloween Bone Head – obviously
  2. Day of the Dead – another obvious one
  3. Happy Birthday Bone Head – Not as obvious…but a good one!
  4. What a Scream – any occassion

Anyway, I think she did a nice job on the card. And I couldn’t resist posting it! Patterned paper is from The Stack 6 by DCWV. Red is from a paper store. Skull stamp is imaginisce Snag’em Stamps Skull #000719.

And, why are skulls so intimidating anyway? They are a natural part of the body, after all! Could it have anything to do with the way people draw them? Naaah! If you think about it, skulls are actually a good reminder of Jesus. He went to “the place of the skull”, also known as Galgotha, where he died on a cross (John 19:17). His story doesn’t end there. Acts 2:14-41 has the rest of His story.



  1. Deborah said,

    May 10, 2009 at 21:48

    What a cool card. Who would have thought a skull could be so versitile? Love it. I would like to see more skull cards, maybe in pinks!

  2. Vickie said,

    May 29, 2009 at 04:48

    I knew about your brother-in-law’s fascination with skulls and this is a very “interesting” card. And yes, I would say it is masculine-even if you did it in pink:-)

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