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Stamping with Princess – Found Another Blog Giveaway!

Ok…you are going to think that I do nothing but surf the web looking for giveaways. This is only the second site I’ve linked to…they just happen to be one day after the next! =) But one of the blogs I follow posted a link to this blog that is giving away a very nice package. So, without further delay, click on Crafts By Kim to register to win. You have until May 2, 2009! Hurry!

While there….definitely take a look around her site because she has GORGEOUS stuff! If her coloring doesn’t knock your socks off, how about the fact that she puts as much detail into the inside of her card as she does the outside of her card! Truly an inspiration.

Good luck!


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  1. Kim said,

    May 2, 2009 at 14:48

    Dana….thank you so VERY much for all the wonderful comments! You are sooooo sweet hun! I am blushing from all of your comments…they truly make my day! 🙂

    As for why I use Feedblitz vs. RRS….I seriously don’t know what they even are or do… LOL! 🙂 When I started my blog I hopped around other peoples blog and found what elements they used and many people used Feedblitz so I just signed up for that so that people could subscribe to my blog to get emails when I post a new post. Other than that I don’t use the Feedblitz for anything else. I know there are other options that you can do with it but I don’t really know how to work any of those options. I’m not the greatest with computers. LOL!!!

    Good Luck in my blog candy drawing!

    Hugs~ Kim

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