Fun Freebies

Stamping with Princess – Fun Freebies

Ohh la la….who doesn’t enjoy free stamping stuff?! I was just checking out a blog I follow and she linked to another blog that is giving way free stamps and accessories! If you want a change to win, hop over to Stampin De Va. You have until May 5, 2009 to enter.

Best of luck!


Bridal Shower Card

Stamping with Princess – Bridal Shower Card

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Here’s the card I created for my nephew’s fiance for her bridal shower. This is the same couple I made the magic box for. This could easily be used as a wedding card.

Simple yet elegant wedding dress

Simple yet elegant wedding dress

I created the card using colors from the wedding. I had the advantage of knowing her colors because I designed her wedding invitation! I’ll post that a little later.

The dress is created by stamping the images three times and embossing with bridal embossing powerder and trimming the skirt out and layering with puffy tape. The teal sparkly paper in the background is the same paper used on her wedding invitation. I bordered the teal and the bottom dress with silver paper…also used in her invitation. The teal gem, also left over from the invitations.

I must give credit where credit is due. My husband was instrumental in this design. You see, I had originally just stamped the dress once and placed it on the teal paper. It looked plain and a little boring! Not my usual standard. He suggested I create additional layers to mimic the look of wedding dresses. Yep, that was exactly what it needed. Then when I added the teal gem at the waist line…I knew it was a keeper! =)


  • 1 piece shiney white cardstock (for base card)
  • 1 piece silver cardstock
  • 1 piece matt white cardstock
  • Dress Stamp – My Sentiments Exactly W362
  • Embossing Pad
  • Bridal Embossing Powder (white with glitter)
  • Teal Gem – Martha Stewart
  • White Ribbon
  • Puffy Tape
  • Zots clear adhesive dots to attach ribbon
  • Double sided tape
  • Embossing gun
  • scissors

Magic Box – Secrets Revealed

Stamping with Princess – Magic Box Secrets Revealed

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I’ve had several people inquire about the card holder and the floating shapeson my 3D Magic Box. I apologize for not sharing a picture of the profile of the box…which I think may answer most of your questions.

Side view of the gift card holder and closeup of floating flowers and hearts

Side view of the gift card holder and closeup of floating flowers and hearts

As you can see, I created a triangle shaped support for the base of the card holder. Because the gift card holder leans back when it’s attached to the triangle, you will want to place it as far forward as possible so the sides of the box have room to fold up and close.

Additionally, I hope you can make out how the flowers and hearts are floating. I have them attached to strips of acetate (transparency sheets). I cut slits into the center square and inserted the acetate strips into that. So they are sprouting from the bottom center square. I used Zots (clear adhesive dots) to attach the die cut to the acetate.

The daisy flowers and heart are both QuicKutz die cuts which I used in my cuttlebug.

I trust the photo and explanation has helped some!

I will be teaching a class in July on how to make the magic boxes in Colorado Springs. If you would like me to send you a kit, please leave me a comment. The kits include the instructions/tutorial, paper (pre-scored) and accessories (such as ribbon and gems). You will need to provide your own glue/tape and scissors. I will be adding a shopping cart to this site in a week or two so you can purchase through paypal.

Glad you enjoy this project! Here’s the original Mother’s Day Magic Box.

Magic Box – Mother’s Day Gift Card Holder

Stamping with Princess – Magic Box Mother’s Day Gift Card Holder

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Now, the minute I saw that Gift Card Holders was one of the categories for the Mother’s Day Challenge at Moxie Fab World I knew what I was going to make. A 3D magic box using the same paper I used on my mom’s birthday card. This time, the box is for my mother-in-law. If my mom liked the paper….does that mean my mother-in-law will too?

Here’s the box:

Here's a close up of the lid. You may not be able to tell, but each side panel is decorated slightly differently

Here's a close up of the lid. You may not be able to tell, but each side panel is decorated slightly differently

Decorated with beautiful papers, a little ribbon, lots of gems and a cute little button. But the fun really takes shape when you remove the lid and open the box!

When open, the magic box lays flat.

When open, the magic box lays flat.

Can you make out all the details? All the little gems I’ve added? The cute little gift card holder in the center. Let me give you a close up.


Close up of the Gift Card Holder.

Close up of the Gift Card Holder.

Now, what about the floating hearts and daisy’s? Here’s a close up of those, too!

Close up of the floating hearts and daisy's

Close up of the floating hearts and daisy's


One piece of 12×12 decorative paper dresses up both the inside and outside panels of the box. The box itself required two pieces of 12×12. One for the lid and one for the base. Then there’s one more piece of paper as a frame around each panel. So that’s 4 pieces of paper total.

Again, my husband took a short video of the box so you can see it in motion.

I noticed that I forgot to add a picture of the profile so that you can see how everything is attached. Please see this post for the details.


  • 1 piece 12×12 green cardstock DCWV
  • 2 pieces 12×12 teal cardstock DCWV
  • 1 piece light blue glitter cardstock
  • 1 piece 12×12 decoratve paper
  • 1 piece acetate (transparency sheet)
  • ribbon
  • gems
  • button
  • die cut heart QuicKutz
  • die cut daisy QuicKutz
  • die cut alphabet QuicKutz Soph
  • Happy Mothers Day stamp Hero Arts Mother’s Day Message C2962
  • decorative scissors
  • zots
  • doube sided tape
  • grommets

Poll for the Guys

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I’m taking a poll to see how much interest there is for masculine cards and projects.  Would you visit a site that specialized in stamping and scrapbooking for guys? You know, a site that had cards and gifts that you can give to the men in our life…dads, husbands, brothers, sons, coworkers, etc.

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Minimal Ladybug Minimal Vase

Stamping with Princess – Minimal Thank You’s in Red

I needed a couple thank you cards for some friends who invited us over for dinner. I wanted to impress them with some amazing cards because they’ve never seen my work. But I have been distracted by other 3D projects and kept procrastinating. I watched a video today that used paper piecing from magazines. Again, another “green” idea. Reusing old magazines.

This paper piecing technique works well with stamps that have lots of open space. You know, stamps that are mostly outlines. I did not see many in my collection that would work for this method. I guess it’s time to to go shopping! =)

I settled on the Stampendous Window Box Set. This set screams minimalism, to me. So I changed my plans and went with something simple. If you’ve seen my work, you know I’m of the thought, “more is better”.  And that everything needs bling. But in this case, maybe not.


All colors were taken from the Kraft Food and Family Magazine. I stamped the image several times on different parts of the magazine. The blue was a piece of advertisment. The red was from a blouse. I used only a small porton of the thank you stamp.


Again, all the colors are from various pictures in the magazine. The yellow vase is a piece of pumpkin pie, the dark blue is from a skirt, the light blue is from an advertisment and the pink flower is from an advertisement. This time I stamped the entire thank you stamp…but it disappears behind the image.

All the materials for this project were either scraps (the red cardstock) or repurposed (the magazines). I used black StazOn ink, scissors and a glue stick. I stamped each image on the cardstock so I’d know where to past the various parts and pieces. And so that if I didn’t cut all of the line it would still show up. Pretty simple! I’d love to hear from you…are these cards up to my usual standard?

If you’d like to see an awesome video on paper piecing and using magazines to add color to your images, see:

Post It Note Holder / Post it Note Book

Stamping with Princess – Post It Note Book

My mom was vacationing in Tempe, AZ this spring and came across the cutest little notebooks. So, naturally she requested that “we” make them…meaning I need to figure out how to make it. So after a little research, here is what I came up with.

The bones of this project are made with a cereal box. With all the talk of “green” and “recycling” you can feel pretty good about this project. Any thin box like an old gift box would work. But a brown corregated packing box would probably be too thick.

My rendition of the project is a masculine post it note holder / post it note book. I say book because I’m using the book binding / book cover method. This will allow the book to open without putting too much tension on the paper. Too much tension on the paper causes it to crack, which reveals the white core. Very unsightly.

In this version I used only one piece of decorative cardstock for the exterior and one piece of cardstock for the interior. I think it’s holding up pretty well. Not sure why the tutorials use a seperate piece for the binding. Is it more than aesthetics??? I’m not sure. But I made sure to crease the paper while the glue was still wet, which I think helps prevent the paper from cracking.

Post It Note Book Thank You

Post It Note Book Thank You

I have added a thank you tag. I asked my husband if this was masculine looking since I plan to give it to a coworker of his that took us to the movies. He hesitated then said yes, because the tag can be removed. Not sure what the big deal is about the tag. I tied it on with jute! =)

I covered the inside with plain brown, keeping in mind that this is a masuline project.

An insiders look at the post it note book

An insiders look at the post it note book

The only post it notes I had in the house were from a neighborhood community where I use to live. They are 3″x4″. Not your traditional post it note size.

If you would like to learn how to cover post it notes, I recommend the following video. But be fore warned….these videos are addicting! =) Watch at your own risk! =)


  • 1 piece Safari Chic Cardstock DCWV
  • 1 piece brown cardstock
  • 1 piece of beige cardstock
  • 1 cereal box
  • Thank You Swirl Rubber Stamp from Stampendous!
  • Brown Marker
  • Glue Stick
  • Jute
  • Single Hole punch
  • Bone Folder
  • Ruler
  • Post It Notes
  • Square Die cuts from Cuttlebug
  • Cuttlebug

Magic Box – Wedding

Stamping with Princess – Magic Box for My Nephew’s Wedding

This 3D magic box was one of those handmade items that I had to make as soon as I saw it. Below is my interpretation of the magic box made specifically as a gift card holder for my nephew who will be getting married in a few weeks.

Here is the outside of the box.

Here is the outside of the box.


When you pull the top of the box off, the box springs open and flat revealing bows and hearts in mid air!

A view of the box with the lid off.

A view of the box with the lid off.


I made bows from wedding ribbon purchased at Joann. The hearts are die cut from silver cardstock using QuicKutz die in my Cuttlebug. The stamp is a wedding cake colored with an aquapen in teal…the color of my nephew’s wedding. The paper was purchased at Joann.

When I originally showed my husband pictures of magic boxes he looked at me and said, “what’s the point?”. Being cute doesn’t justify a pretty box in his mind. So I decided to make mine into a gift card holder. Now that it has a purpose, he likes it!

Now, let me give credit where credit is due. I first saw this magic box on Split Coast Stampers. This gal, Dolly Watt, has made several magic boxes and was my inspiration. After digging around, I found the original creator at

My husband also made a short, short video on youtube of it so you can see it’s moving parts and pieces. Please note that in the video I got the web address wrong for the original creator of the box. Boxes should be plural as in more than one box. You can see the original at

Halloween Card for Christians

Stamping with Princess – Halloween Card for Christians

You may think it strange, but I have recreated a Halloween card for Easter!  It’s true! I got my inspiration from the October 2008 edition of Paper Crafts Magazine. Halloween has lots of images of witches and warlocks. Images that Christians don’t believe should be glorified, myself included.

But Halloween also  has images of death and tombstones, something Christians read about every Easter. True! Take Matthew 28. “Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to the tomb.” See, there it is, a tomb. And, they even went into the tomb! Because an angel told them to go in.  Really! They went looking for Jesus, but he had risen from the dead (see Matthew 28:6). See, there it is, talk of death

So, with all this talk of tombs and death, why aren’t these images prevalent at Easter? Well, because of the later part that tells us Jesus rose from the dead. This is the pivital point of Christianity. By rising from the dead, Jesus conquored sin and death. He satisfied God’s demand for a sin offereing (Leviticus 6:24). And because of his death and resurrection we can go to heaven (John 3:16).

Anyway, I recreated this interactive Halloween card because I thought it was soo neat how all the interactivity worked. Here’s my Easter version:


M.T. Tomb

M.T. Tomb


The text in the background is taken from Matthew 28. This part of the Bible says that Jesus rose from the dead and his tomb is M.T. (empty).

Now, this card is interactive. So you can pull on the tab on the right side of the tomb…

As you pull on the tab on the right side of the tomb, a ghost appears and the spider moves up the tombstone

As you pull on the tab on the right side of the tomb, a ghost appears and the spider moves up the tombstone


As you pull on the tab on the right side of the tomb, a ghost appears. It has the letters H.G. on its chest. As you pull, the spider that was sitting at the base of the tomb, climbs up the tomb.

Inside the card is a poem, that helps the recipient of the card understand all the initials I put on the front of the card.

I chalked a cross over the verse

I chalked a cross over the verse

The verse reads:

The tomb is M.T. (empty),
Jesus rose from the dead.
 He promised us a Counselor,
The Holy Ghost (H.G.) in his stead.

So, there it is. My Halloween/Easter card. I used my cuttlebug to create the letters. Did a lot of chalking. And used my computer. Most of the shapes are cut free hand, such as the the ghost, the tomb and the cross.