Princess Party – A Cookbook for the Bride-To-Be

A Cookbook for the Princess Bride at her Princess Party

My sister, the princess bride, does not cook much (not because of a lack of talent or know how – simply her choice). But I thought it would be particularly meaningful for her to have a recipe from her friends and family. So I asked everyone attending (or not attending) the Princess Bridal Shower to bring “a recipe fit for a Queen”. I created a cookbook for these recipes.

Princess Party Cookbook

Princess Party Cookbook

As you can see, the cookbook is bound with two rings mostly due to function. The rings allow the cookbook to lay flat when the bride is using a recipe and it allowed me to add additional recipes that I received in the mail by those unable to attend the princess party. I created 4 dividers for the recipes

  1. Appetizers
  2. Main Dishes
  3. Side Dishes
  4. Desserts.

In keeping with the princess party theme, the cookbook is made using various shades of pink and red.


  • Stampin’ Up Voila set
  • Stampin’ Up checkerboard (from a retired set)
  • 1 sheet deep red cardstock
  • 3 sheets light red cardstock
  • 1 sheet white cardstock
  • 1 sheet dark pink cardstock
  • 1 sheet light pink cardstock
  • 1 sheet typing paper
  • 1 sheet white cardstock
  • 1 sheet of acetate
  • black stazon inkpad
  • blazing red stazon inkpad
  • black stazon inkpad
  • pink marker & Stampin’ Up Aqua Painter
  • 2 pink brads
  • 6 pink flower brads
  • pink ribbon
  • small circle punch
  • hole punch
  • oval coluzzle
  • tape and puffy tape


  1. Cut 2 pieces of dark red paper to 4.25 x 5.5. This will become your front cover and back cover.
  2. Cut acetate to 4.25 x 5.5. This is a protective covering for the front and back of the cookbook.
  3. Cut 4 pieces of light red paper to 4.25 x 5.5. These will become your dividers.
  4. Stamp the checkerboard pattern on dark pink paper to measure approximately 1.25 x 3.75. Attach one pink brad on the right and one on the left centered vertically. Tape on the bottom of the dark red cover.
  5. Stamp the words Bon Appetit using blazing red stazon ink to the light pink paper. Trim then use small cirle punch to create corners. Trim a piece of dark pink to create a border for the light pink leaving 1/8″ border around. Use circle punch to make scalloped corner. Punch hole on the right and left in the center vertically. Making sure to leave room for the ring binding at the top, attach the tag to the card with ribbon through holes and around to back of card.
  6. In a word processor, type up a little note that says who the recipes are from. Attach to back of front cover (this will cover the ribbon that you taped from previous step).
  7. Stamp chef on white cardstock using black stazon inkpad. Color as desired with pink pen and aqua painter. Punch holes where buttons on the jacket are. Insert flower brads. Tape feet down flat but use puffy tape under chefs hat and server.
  8. Type recipe categories in a word processer. Print on white typing paper and cut out using small coluzzle setting.
  9. Cut out four coluzzle ovals the next size larter than in previous step on the light red cardstock. Tape the white categories to the light red cardstock.
  10. Tape the category to the Light red divider sheet created in step 3 above making sure to offset them.
  11. Punch two holes in all papers at the top. Insert into 1″ rings. Decorate rings with frilly ribbon.

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