Princess Party Invitation

Princess Party – Princess Bridal Shower Invitation

Princess Party Cover

Princess Party Cover

To get the party started, you need an invitation. Here is what I came up with for my sister’s princess bridal shower. Keep in mind, this was the first princess party I’ve ever been to and I was hosting it!

The invitation first explained what this was and who it was for. Next I asked people to bring a recipe fit for a queen to the party with a provided recipe card. Then we had the location and RSVP information. Lastly was registry info as well as special instructions for the guests such as to wear pink or red and to wrap gifts in pink or red.

Inside is a diecut of Cinderella (made by Cuttlebug) which I made into a pocket to hold a name plate (a card that had the recipients name on it such as Princess Dana Bincer). On the right hand side is a recipe card I asked each guest/recipient to fill out for the bride-to-be. Lastly the inside included instructions to the guest/recipient that they were to bring the recipe card and name plate for fun games and prizes.

  • 1 piece of dark pink cardstock
  • 1 pieces of light pink cardstock
  • 1 piece of white vellum
  • 3 pieces white typing paper
  • Blazing Red Stazon Ink pad
  • pink ribbon (I used sheer)
  • white / clear gemstones in small and medium size
  • Cinderella die cut from cuddlebug
  • Dress stamp from My Sentiments Exactly W362
  • pink gem stickers
  • tape
  • hole punch
  • exacto knife & scissors
  1. Cut light pink paper to 8.5 x 5.5 then fold to 5.5 x 4.25.
  2. Type invitation information in a word processing program. You should be able to get 4 per page. Print on white vellum. Cut to 3.75 x 5.5.
  3. Stamp dress stamp on back of white vellum invitation using stazon blazing red. Attach medium gemstone at waistline on the front.
  4. Center vellum on front of card. Punch two holes at top through both vellum and pink card. Weave ribbon through.
  5. Die cut Cinderella in dark pink paper. Attach small gemstone for earing. Tape left, bottom and right side of Cinderella to left inside panel of card to create a pocket.
  6. In word processing program type name plates of all guests and print on white typing paper. I used Pristina font. Cut out name and put dark pink boarder behind it. Put in Cinderella pocket.
  7. In word processing program type any instructions for guests and print on white typing paper. Tape to dark pink paper as a border. Attach it below and centered of the Cinderella.
  8. In word processing program, create recipe card on white typing paper. Should measure 3.5 x 4.75. You should be able to get 4 per pate. Center it on a piece of dark pink paper that measures 3.75 x 5.
  9. On inside right panel of light pink card cut a slit on the diagonal in top left corner and bottom right corner (much like a business card tab found in pocket folders). Slide recipe card into slits.


Princess Bridal Shower Inside

Princess Bridal Shower Inside



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