The Princess Bridal Shower

It shocked our guests, that the now married but then soon-to-be-bride (my twin sister) was having a Princess Bridal Shower. Not known as a princess myself, I thought creating a princess party was going to be a challenge. After all, I don’t have children, I’ve never been to a princess party and I’m not particularly girly. But I found that I actually enjoyed working with pink and the princess theme! I took the opportunity to add a lot of handmade touches and express my creativity at the princess party. I handmade:

Memo pad, Invitation & Cookbook

A small sampling of what I made for the Princess Party

  • Princess invitations with pink paper, gems and even Cinderlla
  • A sign at the door welcoming everyone to Princess Deborah’s Princess Bridal Shower
  • Drink charms using paper and die-cuts
  • Cookbook with recipes from the guest princesses
  • Princess gifts for the guests including decorated princess memopads, princess decorated post-it notes and princess decorated chewing gum
  • Multiple choice paper games (Love in Many Languages & Match the Disney Princess to her Prince and movie title)
  • M&M guessing game with a princess cross stitched cover
  • Princess name tags
  • A mini princess book to record the guest list and to record the gifts the princess bride received
  • Thank you cards for the princess bride
  • Because her wedding was going to have an international theme, we had pink and red chinese takeout boxes with filled with kisses as a thank you for each guest princess

Many of the guests commented on how much fun the party was. They even said I should go into the party catering business. The truth is, I had fun with it. And if you are putting together a princess party, I think the best way to make it a success is to pour your heart into it and have fun.

Be watching my future posts for more pictures and instructions on everything I did and made for the princess bridal shower.



  1. Ronnie said,

    January 17, 2009 at 01:28

    I’m the husband of the author, I can acknowledge that she is not normally seen as a princess. So this love of pink stuff is kinda strange!

  2. Teri Faulkner said,

    January 30, 2009 at 16:03

    You are so creative…love this blog!

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